[Intro: Popcaan & YG]
Gyal, yuh pu**y good from birth
Wan' yuh bend it over, yeah, in them skirt
Gyal, yuh full ah energy like dancehall concert (Weh, haha)
Good sex is all you get
I love to see you get wet (Woii yoii)
Cho, weh (Mustard on the beat, ho)

[Verse 1: Popcaan]
Gyal, yuh tight pu**y tie mi
Yuh vagina so tiny
Call di iPhone anytime yuh horny
Popskull ah f**k yuh grimy
c*ck it up inna di back ah di Ferrari
Mi beat up yuh pu**y, mi bruise e, scar e
You are a blessing to my life, baby (Mhm)

[Pre-Chorus: Popcaan]
Badman turn har on, squeeze her up
Long c*cky gon' full her up
Handcuff, but mi nah hold har up
Her best friend ah call, but she doh wan' go
Love when mi feel har up
Finger inna di pu**y, dat ah pre-warmup
Gyal, mi sperm thick, mi feed pon walnut
Haha (Ayy)
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