I Be in the North lyrics


I be in the north, prolly chilling in the 'burbs
I be smoking gas, polly cookie or some purp
I be laying low, after I get home from work
I be up on Twitter, if you wanna lurk
I be on them psychedelics talking to the Earth
I be pulling out, that's how I avoid a birth
Imma be a doctor but I will not need a nurse
Emulating scientists because I know my worth

I was chilling like a villain when my liquor stated spilling
I was higher than the ceiling, while I'm plotting on a million
And I'm hanging with some breezy in some fancy ass pavilion
Then she started feeling, then her titties held my children
Now I'm back in school, need to find someone with Ritalin
Parabolic curve, aka a n***a grinnin'
Word Play hella cold, January 10th in Finland
Need a nasty girl, talking 'bout cabbage mixed with chitlins
Shoutout to my main n***as: Isaac, Kwazi, Remy
Know that cat from hell, I ain't talking 'bout a Hemi
Speeding down Kingshighway in a foreign not a Chevy
I'm the Ace of Spade, that's the card that life had dealt me, Word!


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