End Of The World Party
[Verse 1: Q]
Live from Mineos
Two slices and a blend, you know the dealeo
I got an ounce to kill
And I'm about my skrill
I work hard every day so I can count my mil
But what about the Mills?
You know I got the deals
I had a coupon for the veal
N***a thats a steal, a Sicilian feast
Probably saw me on Worldstar for stealing some beats
Your girls like a butcher she be feeling my meats
Larry Fish on the sh*t, he be real in the streets
No Webster, fly definition
See me smoking L's, high definition
Thats HD, cop a HP
See me chilling in the cut just safely
Smoking on this great chiba
And I'm tryna do, great achievments
Then I'm tryna to make some great achiefments,
Then I'm tryna mix haze with keef mix
Then I'm tryna call Clock, make a chief mix
Then I'm tryna call Tree and get waxed
Yeah, yeah, pause, with no flaws on my verse
Your flowing is the worst
I'm the best, you smoking on the cess
I'm smoking on that OG
Your chick know me

[Verse 2: Peanut]
Swag, all crazy and stupid
This a weed nap, not lucid
Dream, you looking like a fiend
Wearing them teens, n***a please
No cape out, but she f**k with the doo
Baby, I make it do with it what it do, baby
I be that cage in the coop, baby
It was that drip drop, that moisture
That all purpose
I smoke haze on purpose
And your girl got the worst breath
And she rollin' up the most cess
And she got them lil' t**ty chests
Shut up b*t*h, just give me them Goldfish
I'm hungry as f**k off the piff
You stay tired from the ugly 5th
Mix it with a little dro, call it drift
Getting pu**y, yeah, that's your only gift

[Bridge: Peanut]
Alright. Alright, I'mma, I'mma have to, let someone else...

[Verse 3: DJ Clockwork]
Uh, okay. that me me. that me me. that me me
Oh you mean me? Okay
She say "How you doing?"
She say "What's your name?"
She say "I came to bring the pain. Clock is you game?"
She say "Let's take a trip."
She say "Don't be afraid."
She say "That's that real bullsh*t fools do everyday."
She say "This is ain't no pain."
She say "This all love."
She say "F**k the world Clock. Let's hit the club."
I say "Let's do it."
We hop up in the Buick
Pop two, oh f**k, you know we bouta lose it
I'm on the wall with Mami. Twerk somethin' crazy
Love Sosa playing and the DJ getting hazey
Finger dipping in the club, whatchu know about that?
Hands all sweaty from the malls, can you doubt that?
Finger dipping in the club, whatchu know about that?
Hands all sweaty from the malls, can you doubt that?

Aw f**k, that's all i got
(DJ Clockwork speaking spanish)
Let's go

[Verse 4: Big Dave]
We split a pill. My wheels squeal
I'm out this b*t*h, 2 deep in a Coupe DeVille
Uh, just me and my b*t*h
Like a dutch and some piff
She stay slippering wet
But her pu**y the best
Stay bouncin' on my d**k like a fish in a net
Have her tappin' on my bed like a ref in a ring
Most Dope n***as, we be doing our thing and I'm out
[Verse 5: Mac Miller]
Yo. I had a end of the world party
Went real late
I popped about 5 mollies
I felt real great
Rolling, listening to music, it got me open
Yo, it's so potent
Yo, uh, it's so potent, yeah it's so potent
Chilling with my b*t*h listening to Frank Ocean
Smoking on that dank dro, no
I'm smoking on that ay yo!
Yeah, O get it for the low though
Haa, money! Money! (Money..)
Yo, but no homo, what?
Yeah, chain not rose gold
I got diamonds in my teeth
Trying to find a dope ho
She start crying when she queef
I'm like "Damn, that smells horrible"
I'm like "Damn, you the Oracle"
So why don't you tell me the future?
And don't go check right on your computer, on Twitter
You could get the news quickly
Ay yo, you smoking on that 50
I ain't talkin' SK Energy
I'm talkin' 'bout REMember Music, REMember me
Yeah b*t*h, that's who I tend to be
Muhf**ka wanna talk sh*t like they my enemy
They ain't no friend to me, all this sh*t is jealousy
I just be chilling all the way from where the envy be
Muhf**ka's know I'm eating, ranch and celery
When I'm eating vegetables I'm feeling real incredible
The dope sh*t, it's so potent
It's the hocus, the pocus
Muhf**kin' d**k, b*t*hes wanna stroke it
I'm like "oh sh*t, I love it"
B*t*hes know I don't use no rubbers and I never cuff it
My homie's girls, I don't really do that
This the only world so you muhf**ka's move back
Yeah, haha, hitting on that boom-bap, this that new rap
I'm coming with that blue flag, no I ain't though
Ay yo, I, I, I, I win Tony's and sell Yayo
Yo but ya'll just some actors
Yo, yo, yo, ya'll ain't no factor
I had a b*t*h, had to subtract her
Hahahahaha, 'cuz I attract more
The purer, that's my word
Ya'll know I'm from the Burgh though