YM (Monster)
[Verse 1: Q]
Soar to the sky, take flight, without a plane
I'm the bomb, Napalm, and I set fire to the rain
Storm the rap game, boy I'm the bomber
I think therefore I am, so I know I'm the monster
Take to the town and flood to the streets
Im commiting verbal homicide and going beast on the beat
See my sharp fangs and my malice when I'm grinning
My boy slaughtered the apps, and now he's rocking crimson
I'm like the nightmare that haunts every sector
Feast on GOOD Music entire clique like Hannibal Lector
I have ice in my system, ba** in my trunk
And just an aphorism, I'm the Roy Hibbert to your dunk
Strike fear into your heart, destroy your whole posture
I'the modern Prometheus like Frankenstein my father
I always bare my fangs and signal your doom
Yo, I'm a werewolf even without my moon
And I'm not talkin' glittering Vampires in the middle of twilight
Real monsters with honor going harder than your whole life
I'm King Midas on the beat, every word I spit is golden
Yo I know you hear the rhythm but I'm spittin a poem
I go in, I'm Poein', and when you face me, theres no win
Not a single cuss word but my flow leaves you so dim
I tell my opponents dont fret, just accept your fate
I was born with metaphors as if my whole swagger was innate
I paint a picture with my words, I'm a monster and an artist
When I dropped a couple bars, West asked "How could you be so heartless"
Two Asian kids just rippin a beat apart
Cause we redefine the game, get dollars for every part
Bounty on my head, countries try to slay the monster
Can't stop my rampage, I came I saw I conquered

[Verse 2: All Clear]
Say hello to the beast, yeah I got these plebes goin' crazy
By the way I rip my fangs in these heartbeats, but what can I say, they tasty
It's the wolf gang homie, like they heads we rollin
When opportunity comes, I act fast and never pa** like Kobe
So dont reach youngblood, Uncle Drac's back in the game
Send any baddie rappers at me I got the strength to break 2Chainz
And I dont show my age, lived a couple decades
Five? How kind, but hey, it's more like fifteen
Yo, I'm a sick fiend, moving and doing big things
You can't get rid of me like the flavor on a stick of Wrigley's
Ripped a couple hearts apart, now I'm the cause of every panic
And when they call your girl's name, they get no answer like they did with Ferris
Yo, I feel if the cape fits, wear it; if my teeth grin, bear it
I'm bringing the thunder, like Durant is
So there's a storm forecast, better put back your pool toys
Hanging with Q in my crew, and I ain't talking bout the Schoolboy
I've got Ford-esque focus so all your attacks are hopeless
Ruined the world and stole your girl, but hey, that's just show biz
And just to let y'all know how serious my genius is
I wrote half this rap yesterday and penned the rest in cla** last period
So step up, y'all can't beat me
I see every angle like CP3 in Calc BC
Crackin necks and cashing checks they askin what may happen next
The fact is that I'm rabid yes and attackin so bring your defense
Count Dracula; I'm CD; to me, y'all VHS
So ahead I see checkmate, and we ain't even started chess yet
So you can't touch me, and y'all untouchable too in terms of castes
I've got no love for you, just game, set, and match
So here we go, I'mma serve ya, I'm liable to murk ya
Dawg, I'm Biggie on the flow; I bring the pain proper; they'll be askin who shot ya