Work Out (Kidd boss song)
Man I'm real glad me and her won't ever see each other again you may still think I'm into you well no I'm not girl yeah that was a long time ago I like someone else I ain't saying any names to anyone though we can't make a good couple so I don't like you no more why the hell do you think that I ain't the same no more get it straight that now I am a very different man started from the day I stopped I ain't the same since that day so don't ask me about it again either so is life my life is real different I'm all good though so now if you want me no let it go now

Yeah silver grillz and black kicks bada** man on the scene make my stuff look all good that girl yeah she love rap she like me get my chance then she may be mine yeah get my money you don't fool man she the best I have seen so far she Got a hot body man they don't make them like her no more no I ain't a chubby chaser don't you even think she skinny body and big that i'm a chick chaser I like any hot girl get ready for her I may have a crush on a pretty girl almost an again but I guess we can get away and have a date tonight tonight