Aye aye
It's the sindikit

Life is but a dream now
I been working on my dreams now
Life ain’t what it seems now
Everything is just my dreams now

Pops getting through college ain't easy
Sometimes I be going through hell
Trying to get someone to believe me
I’ve been checking my mail
Whatever perspective you have is deceiving
All I do is propel
Do you love me, oh well
Certain days don’t feel like I’m breathing
Other days I don’t feel like I’m eating
And every other day is just beating my a**
I gotta straighten up, it’s almost time for my cla**
And maybe I’ll laugh, when I don’t want to smile
It won’t last forever, but it’s just past my miles
I’m chasing my dreams and changing my dials
So I can place all my bullsh*t back in the piles


I chose this paper route my bicycle ain’t break yet
Lately I been trynna elevate through all the fake sh*t
Ain’t had enough time for my surroundings just to take in
I’m trynna show everybody that my dreams make since
I can’t quit
It’s too late for that
Smelled like the sh*t need my fragrance back
Can you see what I’m aiming at
Only headshots
Put doubters in a death box
F**k the game out of wedlock
Spit fire like it was a red hot
Killin dreams
No bed rock
That’s for coming to my ted talk

Waiting on my call
Waiting on my call cause I know this is my calling
Sallie mae on line two
Two missed calls from my momma
Like what you finna do
All I know is dope rhyme flows
Peddling audio coke
I am yo pusher
We all cooking
Too many cooks up in the kitchen
When we all make it
Don't be mistaken
I got placement
Play the game like playstation
Filling in all that is vacant
I know I'll make it

Father god
All I can do now is pray to you
When I thought I was down bad
You showed me you had better things for me
When I had snakes in my gra**
You cut the fields and I thank you for that
Keep me in your thoughts at all times and help me follow my dreams