The Marksmen

Edward Elgar

Come from the mountain side
Come from the valleys wide
See, how we muster strong
Tramping along!

Rifle on shoulder sling
Powder and bullets bring
Manly in mind and heart
Play we our part

Sure be each eye to-day
Steady each hand must stay
If in the trial we
Victors would be!

Sharp is the crack! 'tis done!
Lost is the chance, or won;
Right in the gold is it?
Huzza! the hit!

The sun will sink and light the west
And touch the peaks with crimson glow;
Then shadows fill the vale with rest
While the stars look peace on all below

In triumph then we take away
And with our prizes homeward wend;
Through meadows sweet with new-mown hay
A song exultant will we send

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