[Verse 1]
Thought that I would always be alone
But then the night I met you, you texted me on your phone
Said, "Hey what's up? How are you and how's your life?"
Then I decided to put down the knife and I

I fell in love way too fast but I
Don't give a f**k, I know that this is gon' last
You lifted me up, and I put down the flask
Now I'm back, here's my heart for you to have

I guess I'm kinda sorta crazy for you
I don't want any one to take me from you
Don't try to hide the way I'm shaken when you smile
Cause every once in a while I fall
(I fall, I fall) Babe I can't hеlp but fall
(I fall, I fall) Babe I can't help but fall
(I fall, I fall) Gonna give you my all
Can't hеlp but fall, fall

[Verse 2]
The last one left me out the blue, didn't call
Then the next one found me down at my worst, I was small
Said, "Hey what's up? I know I'm young, but you are all that I have"
But now I'm moving on, I hope she's strong, because I can't take it back
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