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Brian Eno

"One More Yard - Orchestral"

The weight, it's killing me
Said on her face what will be
When the whistle breaks this trance
I'll see my friends take their last chance
And we know there's no return
Our hopes in this hole will burn
But now I can see
Little children play upon green hills far, far away
Our girls, our mums, our friends
I can see their tears
They know our end
For now our time has come
And only God survives man's gun
I can't go on one more yard

Grey ghosts now drifting by
Oh, I can hear their lonesome cries
And this battle now is over for all my friends, all gone and died
And now it's time to kneel and pray
To our God, spare me again
So I can still file on
This war's so hard
I can't go on one more yard

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