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".44 Freestyle"

(feat. Paul Cain)

[Fabolous (FAB) (DJ Clue):]
Ladies and Gentlmen
Its my pleasure to present to you (My pleasure) (Yeaaa, Yeaaa)
Street Family (Ah Ha, Ah ha!)

Street Fam, that Street Fam (Woo Woo)
It's the realest that you've ever seen (New Fabolous, Paul Cain)

And ya'll know who I be right? (Come, On!)
Lo, Lo, Lo Lo Lo Loso (Yea!)
Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo Lo Loso
Lo, Lo, Lo, Lo Lo Loso (WOOOOOOOOOOO!)

It won't stop, until I do the numbers im suppose to
And my accountant got as many numbers as a social
With a beach house that's, somewhere on the coast to
Bunch of bad b*tches that some of ya'll propose to (CLUE CLUE!)
I hear n*ggas talk, dummer then they suppose to
I plug a leak, like a plumber is supposed to
Ride this clean yea, summers gonna pose you
Please don't make me be the someone who expose you, (Word Word!)
I snatch ya kids, or someone that you close to
Then the body parts start coming in the postal
Summers getting close too, gotta go drop
I gotta slow bop in the Prada low tops
My Domicana sell out a co-op
She also can suck the gum outta blow pop (Woo!)
The feds wanna talk to my accountant too
They heard I bottle green like mountain dew
Too many rocks to be countin boo
The globe look like the one in the Scarface fountain do
But they can't take the ayto (Nah!), point blank will open ya face, (Nah)
Till the white like a baked potato
And I'm not new at this
I'm on the jet, but ain't nothing change but the pilot line and the stewardess (Ah ha, Ah ha!)
A guy in fur, continental flying spur
You might wanna keep an eye on her (CLUE CLUE!)
Theres no question amuse**
Before I have her in sex positions, that look like wrestling moves, (Damn)
Get some chest shots, coming my way
Believe me (Yea!) ya best not stop at my gate, (Yea!)
3 cars, the rest not in the drive way, (Yea!)
You know I got rest spots like a highway (Yeaa!)(Ah Ha)
And mid-town, the loft cost BIG
The jersey, back-yard is golf course BIG (uhh huh)
Brooklyn, Miss Jade of course BIG
After that its ME, F-A-B...you knowww ( ah ha ah ha! )
Now what you know about chauffers (huh?)
The roof tucked in like a fold out sofa (woo!)
It's more heat when I spray off rhymes
The price is up like floor seats at playoff time
You Feel Me?

[Paul Cain (PAUL) (DJ Clue):]
Chea ( Yea Yea)
Hey Yo Fab I got these n*ggas (Come On!)

This sh*t don't stop until the cribs like Madison square
5 in's in income is what I average a year
Poppin corks, not the real talk but Fab in a leer
Right now, im dead close I ain't braggin I swear, (Ah ha, Ah ha)
Cause im a hustler, I eat like im suppose
Fab taught me to watch people, mainly the leechs and the hoes
Im the long end beefin with my foes, and the chicks freakin after shows sippin peach and different flows
I even taught my young boys to speak to me in code
Cause its hard to tell, which n*ggas leakin to the po's ( Yea Yea!)
These boys in the hood, wanna creep me and I knows
Just said a couple sandles would keep me on my toes
So I travel with the meanest cause the last two bodies that drop
Those n*ggas walk around the hood like ballerinas
From the scurviest I learned that the wrachet in the beamer (WHAT!)
Calm my n*gga down with the saddest look to meaner
I would be damned if that ain't true
Talking reckless on smack when, we all not that ain't you, (Aww Noo)
n*gga you actin out of character, reading from a movie script
Cross me, and Imma have to do you from the uzi grip
Your sh*ts hilarious, you think u gonna fool me prick, (huh?)
You a fraud, I know the clown n*ggas you be with
They don't draw guns, they draw sketches for the jake
And I know know? The diamonds in dem neckless' is fake, (CLUE CLUE!)
And im known over sea's but respected in the states
Ask clue, but im gonna throw the heckle in yo face, f*ckin snakes, CHEA

[DJ Clue:]
Yea mannnn...Yea Man

Hes a Hustler! Hes a Hustler.. Part!...part one

Ya'll see Me

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