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"Boottee (remix) (clean)"

[Teddy Riley]
Uh, Check it out
Here it goes

[Mr. Gzus]
Step up in the club, what did I see?
B double O double T double E
All 'round me
Duckin the tricks around me
Look it's soft as Downey
Never wait for the plug, she found me
As I nod to the beat, and down some Re-mi
Gettin tit-ty, smokin minty, gettin crispy
Dimes in line from the shine, they can't miss me
I rep the 3, Benzino and Twice G
I rep the Bean, I hold it down for my team
Make no mistakes, I wanna rake that backyard
Keepin mad links in the 'yac (?)
Lord, Lord, check the design
Joe Dash but I'm tryin to make that ass mine
Player always on the grind scopin some take home
Creepin, bonin, see you in the mo'nin

[Chorus - Teddy Riley]
Booty, booty
Booty, booty
I see booty
I see booty

[Teddy Riley]
Uh, aiyyo, it's time to shake that ass baby
Wiggle it and make it last baby
Take it off and I'll give you a little cash baby
Booty bangin like the bass in the cape, uh
Call your friends, come and hang with my click, uh
Come to the mansion with that think and them tits, uh
You can get it if you slimmer your thick, uh
Aiyyo it's T.R., I be the dude from the east
Collaboration with the Made man, movin ya feet
Aiyyo my party people dance to this (uh)
Get ya roll on, wave ya hands to this (what)
Ladies show ya thong, drop ya pants to this (wha-what)
Hop inside the Benz and get tampered with

You can get it even if your glamourous, feel me, feel me?
The way you shake that ass it's like you tryin to kill me
I'm with the sex you need, so baby heal me
Teddy Ted and Made Men, what you forgot me

Boottee ass n*ggas that's there for blastin
Smith and Wesson turn ya into ashes
Assassin, that's me if ya askin
Get ya frame bent up, wrapped in plastic
Who got the game mastered? Benzino, bast*rd
I lasted, stepped the game up and passed it
Boottee ass n*ggas wanna do this thug sh*t
Flash all night but your jewels are busted
We cop bottles, flocks, my motto's
Benzino's 'bout to drop, and that's a problem
Matta fact, that's a promise
You spit trash, your man is garbage
I whip cars, fast and forty
7 Class, six sedans aboard us
Boottee ass n*ggas wanna please the ass man
Fake copin whips, no cash protection
Get outta here!

[Benzino] 3x
Ridin thru these streets in my Range, and all I see is..
(Booty, booty, booty, booty)
Pull up to the club on dubs, and look at here
(Booty, booty, booty, booty)
b*tch type n*ggas try to creep, they whole crew..
(Booty, booty, booty, booty)
Don't c*ck block, stick a dime in the G for the..
(Booty, booty, booty, booty)

[Teddy Riley] 8x
I see booty, I see booty

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