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"Hate Me Now"

I'm a motherf*ckin' ghetto superstar n*gga
Got my n*gga Paul Cain with me
Street dreams
I'm what street dreams are made of n*gga
Hate me now
Do it now n*gga
I'm burnin' like them blue flames n*gga
They call me G-H-E-T-T-O-
Lets do this right n*gga
What the f*ck is up n*gga?
These n*ggas can't even breathe now Cain

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
It won't stop 'till my account is in the billions
And I buy a home on the coast of Miami and the amounts are in the millions
Fish tanks and flat screens mounted in the ceilings
Sippin' champagne I have trouble pronouncing while I'm chillin'
If I found out you was squealin'
You 'gon die even if Witness Protection put you in the mountains of New Zealand
Cause I hire bountys that be killin'
That play Hide-And-Go Seek and find you after countin' to a million
But a million records later
Theres still some speculators
Man these labels are giving the kid meals and checks like waiters
When I come through you never see my heels be decked in gators
And see Jordans that dropped when you was still a second grader
Spill the Tec on haters
I got a quick jab
But when I squeeze these slugs'll hit you a milla second later
I chill and check the waiter
Dudes play gangsta for a minute but run to the cops squealing seconds later
You still a Lexus trader
My credit so good I drive off in the SC and tell the dealer "Catch ya later"
All I need is one night I don't deal with second daters
Cause the white and gold stones on the grill and neck persuade her n*gga

[Paul Cain]
Yo Fab
We done pulled the Range out
The Benz out
The Caddy truck out
They ain't even see the 12-8 yet
These n*ggas still hatin'

[Verse 2: Paul Cain]
Ever since I got signed it seems like ya'll been hatin' on the god
We never held a conversation but you claimin' I'm a fraud
Started bringin' weight up while I starve
Gained some cash and the ego now ya perpetrating like ya hard
If you thinkin' you Pac I'm a wait in front of Quad
Have my Kingston bullets through ya face like I'm Bernard
Ya like beef but hate when I'm involved
Cause I don't give ya a chance ta dodge bullets from the 8 when it revolve
n*ggas love when you broke but they hate when you get large
Wait for you to slip and try to find a way to get you robbed
Run in ya crib and duck tape you and ya broad
And don't leave prints so jakes never get the case resolved
So I play against the odds
When its all set two n*ggas with two 40s a peice retaliatin' on ya squad
If you get locked my Haitian'll leave you scarred
Rape you in the yard
With Gem Star blades cut ya face like a collage
While I sip champagne in the Vegas lamatage'
In the suite with two freaks videotapin' a manage'
Ice in the chain a face in the shepard'
Million dollar crib with a cranberry quarter and a 8 in the garage n*gga

[Paul Cain]
Ya'll n*ggas
Ya'll n*ggas only seen half
This is just the begining man
See ya'll n*ggas was hatin' now man
Ya'll n*ggas gonna be sick to your stomach bending over throwin' up
When ya'll see the sh*t we got comin'
My album ain't even drop yet man
And ya'll n*ggas talkin' crazy
Man Paul Cain n*gga
The album comin' fourth quarter
Ya'll motherf*ckers is under pressure n*gga
Desert Storm, SLK we killin' everything movin' n*gga

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