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"It's in the Game"

[DJ Clue]
DJ Clue, Dessert Storm, EA Sports...
Come on!

NBA Live 2003, Fabolous... who gon' stop me?

[Verse 1]
I hoop with the best of them, swooped up the chest of them
Dunked on a bunch, I caught alley-oops on the rest of them
I got the lean on the "J" now
It really don't matter if we play in arenas or playgrounds
Throw it around the back so it look fly when I pass
Just to avoid the block go high off the glass
I'm killing 'em out there, they gon' have to bring caskets
This all I hear after the baskets *swish*
But I ain't even warm up
And still pull from where it counts for 3 points and leave the form up
You must be insane if you give me the lane or perimeter
The crossover will sprain every limb on ya
I never woulda, ever coulda
Thought I could come off the baseline and jump over seven-footers
Soon as you step out the locker room you now can see
How live I get in 2003

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Who gon' stop me when I'm in the lane?
I come to entertain, you know it's in the game
Who gon' stop me? Go and get five
I D-up with five, you know we get live

[Verse 2]
I'm the crowd favorite, and I believe the fans
Love the way I finger roll it with either hand
My handle pull it through presses plus I can play the lane
And block shots like bulletproof vests
I often be found in the paint waiting for I miss
So I can slam it back off the rebound
Then I show off with class
Look the other way when I throw off a pass
Call it when I go off the glass
Hope you play better "D"
Or I'ma keep scoring until the coach hold his hands like the letter "T"
When I put pressure on the ball they be feeling on lock
Remind 'em of a jewel thief when I be stealing the rock
Shorty, over the summer you might have boosted an inch
But if you ain't ballin' like me, get used to the bench
And everybody know I does my thing
And play hard 'til the buzzer ring, yeah


[DJ Clue]
DJ Clue, Fabolous, Desert Storm, EA Sports, Live, 2003
You see it? It's in the game!

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