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"It's Me Snitches"

Lets do this right
Thats right album in stores right now
Its Los Snitches
(Street Fam)
Lets Go

I said chillin' on The Bentley
Sittin' on veinte
Doses moses
Tryin' to get with Los's
Like Shaq I post's
Either of The coast's
All the pretty girls just tryin' to get the closest
It's like a game, red light green light
Got my Gucci on, red light green light
New Air Forces, red white green Nikes
Mexico flag, red white green stripes
Yeah, you thought headlights beam bright
My dear, check a look at my ear
My pair, will make you need eye wear
My glare, is similar to Time Square, times squared
Franks Bob Mueller more ice in it than a beverage cooler
All you preschoolers get popped with The ruler
I run circles around y'all, I'm like a hoola
In Miami pretty little chula down there I'm a Don like Shula
Up here I'm a don like Teflon
My neck look like the lights got left on
Ay, Dios mios look at the left arm
It's F on, A on, B On your baby momma's
Ah man

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