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"Mo Cars Mo Hoes"

Guess who? It's Loso

You know I rhyme a few bars so I could buy a few cars
Kick a few flows so I could get a few hoes (x3)

I get bored quick, I switch cars every 5 days
It looks like a traffic jam in my driveway
Got em bumper 2 bumper, they come with the lumber
(Wood grain) '07 and '06, I'm jumpin da numbers (Yes)
She thumbin her number (Yes), I hump her and dump her (Yes)
Make her gimme head face like she pumpin a jumper
They know I'm hood rich, Donald Trump of the pumpers
I run with the shooters, Forest Gump with the dumpers
Lambo Loso flyin spur spiz
Got ya b*tch on the right, she mindin her biz
You ain't never seen a face fine as hers is
Ya lame ass probably home mindin her kids
Bad ass son say all kind of curses
Grown daughter wearin heels and designer purses
I probably wheel em past
20's pokin out tires Ya Robin William ass
Playin Mrs. Doubtfire, you get ya mouth wired like a money transfer
You call my phone again, I might just let ya honey answer
House full of hoes, They call me the bunny rancher
The young Dennis Hoff, holla at me when it's soft (b*tch)

[Freck Billionaire]
Ha Ha, Ya'll know who it is
The make-it-rain man, Mr. Dustin Hoffman himself
West Philly Freck, Street Fam, Sizzle records, C.B.L
Ya'll know what it is, I got that cranberry thing parked outside right now
With that oatmeal inside Like ya cereal bowl in the mornin n*gga
Let's do it, West Philly

Ya need a mule 4 the work n*gga, I kno masses
This little b*tch named Jackie, We call her oat n asses
And we don't use the bank n*gga, We do it old fashioned
Right on top of the box spring
No matress King size, But right now it's full of cash
n*ggas call me the dentist, They know I pull it fast
I know you hatin n*ggas wanna let ya bullets blast
The SLR fully armored, With da bullet glass
I got my cleets on, You'll never catch me slippin black
Red white and blue tags, call em the Diplomats
It's a fact, You would think I had immunity
I came from a hood n*gga not a community
Trump Tower, you ain't got the same room as me
I spray ya whole click, killin ya'll in unity
Philly Freck got more bars more flows (Mo Cars Mo Hoes)
If it cost a quarter mill, then trust me ya boy got it
It cost a hundred thou, Trust me I boycott it
We make it rain in the club, them other dudes cheap
I pass dat paper out, sort of like it's looseleaf

[Freck talking]
Ya'll know what the f*ck this is n*gga Street Family n*gga
C.B.L city of brotherly love n*gga

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