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"Loso's Way"

Everyday I want you to remember one thing!
You still alive, cause of me...

[Verse 1]
Straight out of Brooklyn a baby mama f*cker named Ghetto
Invisible set glow
Full clip to let go
Back in the metro
Fresh off the jet though
Fifty grand, richer from a thirty minute set show
Gangsta but I'm the flyest you ever met hoe
Button up etro
The Air Jordan Retro
Million dollar neck row
Got n*ggas upset so
Now I get the bank and make them petty n*ggas bet mo'
Told you from the get go
Ya'll can't deny it
I just supply it
For those who buy it
Now I ride by it
It might start a riot
Chicks won't quiet
Long enough to try it
f*ck dirt they throwin' mud slides on my name
They never seen this kind of stud size in a chain
I analyze that like I'm Billy Crystal
I'm forced to move around with this nine milly pistol
And tell Mason, I got his name on a shell casin'
And meanwhile, a n*gga's multi million cell chasin
You chumps wanna see the kid in a cell pacin
You can't get back, the time you jail wastin
Im livin for the moment, 100 to own it
Expensive, but this sh*t look good, dont it?
YUP! Ya boys is back like a spinal cord
Got every Dj spinnin the vinyl hard
Im with this lightskin damnit albino broad
I told her 'easy you can't pull on the vinyl hard
On occasion, it pop like champagne
A clinton scandal couldn't stop my campaign
I got the peoples votes, stack'a dead people notes
You in a cheaper boat, still can't keep afloat
I'm used to the hatin, maybe n*ggas do it for the rooster they datin
Wanna boost in they ratings, and ya self them n*ggas ridin dub deuces relatin'
If I catch em imma hang, the nooses is waiting
And no lie, my best friend is 4-5
For a check I be at ya neck like a bow tie
So I blow by, catchin ya hoe eye
Dro high, got me singin 'No woman, no cry'
L dot O dot S dot O, everywhere you not hoe, ain't hard to spot yo
Bracelet on the wrist got a 40 watt glow
Quatro Quatro, ready to let a shot go
You can't touch me, I'm delicate as China
They see the S F & think a fella with the Niners
One phone call I make dem fellas get behind ya
And everybody knows that the fella is vagina
And we came to f*ck ya so bend over man
And get this gang bang by The Fitititaaaam

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