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"I Came for the Money"

I heard this n*gga be right here man
Up in some b*tch crib up here on the third floor
Yeah he come out this building I'm a warm his ass up
This n*gga playing with the money man, f*ck
This n*gga been ducking me all f*cking week man

[Verse 1]
I'm waiting on my green like I'm sitting at a red lightIt's been a week n*gga better have my bread rightHeard if the head right n*gga there every night
So I'm outside in the ride no headlightsGot the semi 9 with the red lightHe goin' give me mine or he dead alright
It's a dead night nobody on the block
In the morning John Doe body on the block
I'm waiting crazy on the day I got the f*cking call
This n*gga and his b*tch shopping in the f*cking mallI'm blowing up his phone, pus*y n*gga ducking calls
Spending my money on the sl*t who's sucking balls
Heard he in the club popping bottle after bottle
Whatever car he in that's the ride we'll have to follow
Can't wait to walk up pop him hollow after hollowPass me that sh*t son here this n*gga go

[Hook: Repeated]
I came for the money
I ain't here to play with ya'll

[Verse 2]
I caught him walking out the building slow
Quickly I draw the toastYou shoulda saw his face look like he saw a ghost
He kept backing up I'm tryna draw him closeHe saying "chill I know what I got for ya Los"
Give me a lil time a n*gga got jammed in jailYou know my fam Jamel look like Sam CassellGot knocked with like 900 grams of scale
On 75 north Alabama saleI don't know the n*gga don't give a damn as well
You no negotiator and I ain't SamuelI squeeze 2 then the chamber got jammed with shells
And they say life is a gamble well
Guess today was his lucky day
He gotta move now I know where the f*ck he stay
Catch his little chick and fried up Kentucky way
Bet if he flashed that she know where the stash at


That b*tch know where that money at man
That's what we going to do, we going to lay on this b*tch
This n*gga going to come through here, that's it
This n*gga playing with the money

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