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Ladies and Gentlemen!
I now welcome you to the Gangsta Grillz
You know what this is right?
This is that Gang-sta Grillz
Da, da, da grillz [x3]
(Ay Fab! They been waitin' on this one!)

[Verse 1]
You see I come from the bottom
But I stay on the top
You might need a ladder shorty, cus I'm way on the top
That's right I'm rich and I'm young like I stay on my top
And if you ask my bottom b*tch bet she say I'm on top
I got no paper for slow hoes, so catch up b*tch
The best could come to those who wait but I ain't ketchup, b*tch
I flip fast as the light switch (Hey!)
That's right b*tch (Hey!)
I don't swing at anything just the right pitch
You over ate, you over the plate
Send her over, send her over, I red rover ya date
Tell ya boo-boo don't get koo-koo, don't head over to hate
You know how many people end up dead over they date?
She's a groupie! When I head over it's late
Then pull a Lupe, soon as the head's over I skate
I'm kick-pushin (Yes!)
Leave they ass wishin' (Yes!)
I just push for the head, you could say I'm mushin'
Slide on these Nike's with my name in the cushion
Same style as the plane they fly President Bush in
(okay, okay, okay)
And I'm gone with the wind
Mixtape bullsh*t I am on it again, yes

We back baby!
It's Loso
I told you so, so you know so man
The city slicker is back baby (street fididididam)
Ay Drama man
Help me let these mo'f*ckas know what's goin' on man (I don't think they know baby)
These n*ggas' is a little slow or somethin' out here (Slap these n*ggas' upside they head)
Finna catch these n*ggas up real quick
Let's go
This is that Gangsta Grillz
Da, da, Da Grillz

[DJ Drama]
I mean
It was only right
New year, new money
We had to connect
Why wouldn't we?
They're tryin to compete?
Get the f*ck outta here
I ain't gotta tell ya'll n*ggas my name no more
AMG! Streetfididididam

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