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"It's Going Down"

[Intro: Fabolous & DJ Drama]

Fabolous: This is the funeral service right?
DJ Drama: I got my suit on
Fabolous: That's what I thought. aye Drama, Wassup son?
DJ Drama: Bodied 'em!
Fabolous: What it look like n*gga? It look like these n*ggas is dead to me!
DJ Drama: It's finished
Fabolous: Well f*ck that. when we see dead, we call dead where I'm from. These n*ggas in the club holding greygoose up like it's champagne? DEAD. These b*tches with fake tits, fake ass, talking 'bout they real b*tches? DEAD. These n*ggas wearing that guy off the block Gucci, these b*tches rockin them lady who come in the salon Louis bags? DEAD

[Verse One: Fabolous]
I got some bad b*tches with me every time I come around
Faces be so pretty & they asses be so round
Not Riri or Jay but I'ma say we run this town
Like a casket in the ground, baby it's going down
Real n*ggas with me every time I come around
If there's money, we gon' go for it like it's 4th down
Patron & lemonade, I don't really do the brown
And like a plane crash n*gga, it's going down

[Verse two: Freck Billionaire]
It's going down for that f*cking Ben Frank loot
Kill ya dog for that money n*gga, like you Frank Luke
All I ever hear is how you get to work with Los
Cause every f*ckin' bar is sicker than tuberculose
Dead on arrival, send him to the morgue swift
Get his weight ready, send him to the mortish
I love when a playa-hater show me unbelief (why?)
Cause I won't hesitate to put a n*gga underneath
Adios, I have his family wish him farewell
West Philly, I get fly like air mail
b*tches say Freck you ballin' like Golden State
Cause I got the money longer than The Golden Gate
So many carats in the chain, they know I live to spend
Over 65 like a senior citizen (lotta carats)
And this the motherf*ckin funeral
Street Fam, we connected like a uni-brow

[Verse 3: Fabolous]
It's goin' down, 12 O'clock ball drop
We push 911's, but we don't call cops
I'm Paul Blart n*gga, all I do is mall cop
Being fly gon' be the death of me, check my autops
None of the sh*t these n*ggas say should be called hot
My sh*t stay in n*ggas' heads, flow bald spots
We get around, that just mean we all got
More American girls than the dolls spot
So, I'm f*ckin' somebody's daughter
Brain so wet, she must drink smart water
Have all my money, not a penny shorter
I come through in accounts, end of the 4th quarter (nice)
They say real n*ggas keep some real b*tches wit 'em
These diamonds is bait, I just reel b*tches wit 'em
The way they flash, you could take some still pictures wit 'em
I'm so dougie that I get a Lil' Vicious wit 'em

[Verse 4: Paul Cain]
Yes sir, there's still no competition
The fam's hooked, no rehabs or intervention
And rival rappers, we kill 'em dead, they end up missin'
It's going down, like a building set for demolition
And did I mention, every weekend in the club we spendin' n*ggas' pension
We got these cowards under pressure, can you feel the tension?
I'm the coach, these players think they ballin' till I bench 'em (bench 'em)
And I'm flyer than you ever been, I'm flying where you never been
Chain smokin' Purple Kush, I'm high offa that medicine
I'm no rookie, but I am not a veteran
Not to toot my own horn, but I know who I'm better than
I've got a speech impediment, I-I k-keep stutterin'
F-F-Fi-duh-duh-duh boys, y'all know who I'm running with
Keep that w-work comin' in, money keep d-doublin'
Yeah this town? we runnin' it. if you like it, I love it then

[Verse 5: Red Cafe]
Yeah I got a problematic flow, get acrobatic dough
That mean it flip every month, yeah, mathematical
If a sucker toy with mine, i'ma get radical
Cut 'em with the Gemstar, hit 'em with the Calico (What else)
Dump on his momma house, you see me with llamas out
Layin' out my thug sh*t, narcotic drug sh*t
If nobody move, then nobody gettin' bodied
We in the penthouse, over lookin' everybody
I'm a over achiever, shine over shade
I keep my hoes over f*cked & underpaid
Still rock a Rolex, in Miami it roll ex
Move through the club, the family skip the coat check
Leave blood on the floor, like it skipped the co-tecs
We thugs baby, get green gold jets
Third Row flow, I'm a shocker major
See I always keep it raw, no stockin' on my gig what else?

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