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"1 Genesis"

In the beginning, you only needed to accept
After that, you think you'll be prepped;
But no practice, no recital, you don't get a redo,
You're solving this puzzle, without any clues
What do you do? Who is to blame?
The short answer is simple, it's never the same
You lose sleep, obsess and get pushed to the brink;
Step back, pull it together and you start to think
You've got it, you did it, you've passed the test!
You've got to admit, you're pretty impressed
Until the next day, the past long forgotten,
Facing another crisis, this one more rotten
Back to the drawing board, back at the starting line
You have to try again, it's gonna'  to be fine
Until it isn't, only takes one time,
For lives to change, maybe even a crime
An accidental minute, you looked away. Did you fail?
She doesn't know better, but still feels like betrayal
You can't take it personal, it's not about you,
It’s  hard for her, but damnit its her fault, too!

You work so hard untangling fiction from fact,
And for all you've done, you're always under attack
She's alone in her head, you alone in yours,
Nobody is winning, but no one is keeping score
God, you blessed us with a special gift,
I vow to never give up, never will I drift
She may not be rich, she may not find fame,
But to us, she’s a star! Miracle was the perfect name
God, you trusted that we were just right
To care for this gift and tuck her in every night
We will make it, we have to, there is no choice
Even those times we have to be her voice
Decide what's safe to do, with who and where to go
When you figure it out, tell me. Then we'll both know


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