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"Death Comes in 3's"

[Intro: Fabolous]
I heard that death come in 3's

[Verse 1]
I think by now that you and I know and if you don't
The motto in my hood is do or die ho
That just mean you do or you die but you decide though
Writing sh*t about me now that's a suicide note
I should drive a black hearse with a suicide door
Nickname that sh*t coffin car but keep your boo inside though
Lights on day time and I usually ride slow
We on that Boyz II Men it's so hard to say goodbye flow
Hop out in that all black, they like "who just died bro"
I say "the competition" but they ain't look too surprised though
They be talking sideways, keep that to the side though
I nail they b*tch; it ain't my fault she wanna be crucified, yo
Jesus Christ he's just nice
Wait I ain't say that right he's just niceeee
And I heard that death comes in 3's
Some one please come get these little rapping bumble bees
Had they buzz now it's gone that high usually comes and leaves
They was hot, I was cool -- enough of that summer breeze
Some of these n*ggas say sh*t I tell them don't mumble please
Keep bumpin your gums I will show you b*tches gum disease
You know somebody hating give them this number please
The number is 1-800-Hum-On-These
Killed them once killed them twice, usually I just come and flees
Killed them for a third time cause I heard that Death Comes in 3's
Well I'm back and I'm prompt n*gga
Arrogant and so pomp n*gga
In my world ain't sh*t free
There is no comp, n*gga
Riding round with my Bronx n*gga
Who wanna come romp n*gga
Can't kick a man when he down?
They ain't say you can't stomp n*ggas
Flashlight, candles be prepared for this black out
Black shoes, black suit, black skirt, black blouse
Car service, black Lacs, couple racks in my black slacks
Dime b*tch, Ace of Spade -- I should be yelling out Black Jack
BBM in my Black Bold, yo BM in my black Rolls
She look like Miss Universe and I'm bout to be in that black hole
Get my nut then fade to black, Damier the greater black
On the road we got the heat just imagine D-Wade in black
You wanna play dumb? Black that's cool
I'mma play HBCU you gone get your black ass schooled
Welcome to the funeral university
Death comes in 3's, this the third CD

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