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"Holla At Somebody Real"

[Verse 1: Fabolous] (With ad libs from Lil' Mo)

You need to holla at somebody real such as my myself
Won't nobody do as much as myself...
And it's so real, I hop out and get the dutches myself
For a pretty girl such as yourself...
Cause I'm a busy man and I don't see too much for myself
And sometimes it be hard to get in touch with myself
But I, make the time when I have to
Learn to take my time and be careful when dealing with women
There's some who are willing to skim it...
And dive into relationships cause I got a million to swim in
They'll throw it to you faster than schilling and clemens
But feelings aren't the only thing that you can catch now
Some throw lawyers at you hoping they fetch thous'
Others pass diseases that you can catch now
But in my minutes alone
I think about this crazy world...
And don't wanna live in it alone
Come on

[Hook: Lil' Mo]
I'll give you all my love...
And you can always trust...
My loyalty, honesty, and security
I'll never leave
And can't none of these other chicks ... with me
So holla at somebody real
Cause I'm so real...

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
I'm looking for real love live J. Blige in 92
But I pray I will find you
They say weather the storm and leave the gray skies behind you
The fake may try to blind you
That's why I stay fly like I do
And know I can't trust everybody that I say "hi" and "bye" to
First I need a girl that may die as my boo
Then I may try the "I do's"
But I refused to be tricked
Or used by a chick
Who get amusement and kicks
Out of abusin' my di*k
When it's real, I'm all in it
But I don't want the scars of love that you get when you fall in it
Before it didn't matter who...
Now I look for someone with a little attitude
I can chit or chatter to
Good looking but witty and compatible
Long hair with a phatty too, and that'll do


[Bridge: Lil'Mo]

No, I'm not trying to pressure you
But my love's too incredible
It's right in front of your face
And I give you something you can feel...
To let you know that you're hollerin' to somebody real

[Verse 3: Fabolous]

I need to holla at somebody real
Could that be you? (Yes)
The feelings that I feel
Could that be true? (Yes)
Most cats lay where the hood rats be boo
But I'm the kind of cat that strays away
That's until somebody real sways my way
Then I might spend some days away
On the Asian Bay
Eating food made the Casian way
And sippin' a little saki
Blowin' a little broccoli...
But this world is full of floosies
And bullsh*t usually
I pull them choosy
Cause on this joint
And at this point
I know I need to holla at somebody real, for real

[Hook 2x]

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