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"B.A.S. Freestyle"

Oh, I like this, this made me feel like '98
That know what I did in '98, boy
That know what I used to do back in '98, right?
Y'all know what I did in '98, boy
I mean, some of you young boys wasn't comin' outside yet
But, um, yeah, let me just show y'all, yeah, look

It's like this and like that and like this and, uh
It's like that and like this and like that and, uh
It's like this and like that and like this and, uh
It's like this and like that and like this

[Verse 1]
I said, "b*tches ain't sh*t" and these n*ggas ain't either
My boy caught his girl cheatin' and he ain't leave her
He said, "She caught me before, I ain't no saint either"
I said, "I wouldn't give a f*ck, b*tch, we ain't even"
He said, "You just hot-headed and it ain't fever"
I said, "You need to dead that and you can't grieve her"
All I know is, get this money, f*ck a stank diva
I chase paper like me and Ben Frank beefin'
I got a homie with a shotty, point-blank, squeezin'
He'll pump you in the chest like you ain't breathin'
If it's a bunch of y'all, ain't no complaints either
He do them jobs with a MAC, name ain't Steven
Straight off a iPhone, a text and you're done
Don't get caught up in my wordplay, a text is a gun
Heard you man tried to warn you, the text ain't come
Too bad you ain't get it cause the text said to run
Let's get technical, son, all you n*ggas is foul
Out here singing, "Try me" and sendin' n*ggas to trial
You ain't Dej Loaf, you took a hand-raised oath
Pick a side and stay on it, you can't play both
I play close attention like a goddamn watchdog
Get these hoes' attention with my goddamn watch, dog
My sister told me, "Those the ones you got to watch, dog"
Hittin', then you gone, don't believe me, just watch, dog

And hold up, damn, Clue
I got some more for 'em real quick, hold up, yeah

[Verse 2]
I said, "You fly this long, you usually run out of gas"
That's why I chase checks and never run out of cash
I started out heating and I swear it's gon continue
Word to White Castle, all you squares is on the menu
I'm like Kobe after surgery, all you n*ggas know on that court
I'm the truth and these other n*ggas perjury
My city need me urgently, I see the bat sign
Just to let you n*ggas shine, I had to matte mine, n*gga
Beep-beep, she hop in it like a chat line, n*gga
Then I kill it in the bed, flatline
You can't catch me unless your bait is strong enough
Them n*ggas in my comments ain't been hatin' long enough

It's like this, n*gga, yeah, it's like this, n*gga
Ha-ha, it's like this
Ay, and all you n*ggas thinkin' you stuntin', man
You ain't stuntin' on me, n*gga
We been there, we done that sh*t, man
Owe-you-my-first-Rolly-ass n*ggas, man
You did this sh*t already, man
Tell these n*ggas, man, this sh*t was written, boy
Ha, you think you stuntin'
You got to do somethin' we can't do
Or somethin' we ain't do, n*gga
Chains and all that sh*t don't matter, man
We out here, man, we done did that already, bro
Yeah, yeah, it's the Family, n*gga, and that's it
This and like that and like this and, uh

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