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"Exhibit F"

[Intro: Fabolous]
Its so sad
But I would like to thank everyone who came along, to the funeral service
Somehow, someway, we will find a way to move on
As we proceed, to give you what you need
2010 mothaf*ckas
Bring that money in mothaf*ckas
Everything comes to an end
And therefore, I bring you, Exhibit F

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
One day Im gon be sleepin' in a box
But when that time comes, it comes
Ain't no need to keep peepin' at the clocks
The hood is like an anchor,think deeper than them blocks
My boat was made to float, not for keepin' at the docks
They sweepin' through the blocks
Slam you on the floor, for what you keepin' in your socks
16 year olds be sleepin' with their Glocks
I tried to tell him chill, just keep it on them rocks
He looked at me and transformed
Thats like making sand castles, in a sandstorm
He said its a cold world, not the sandstorm
But the heat's the only way I keep my hands warm
I told the lil n*gga God got a plan for 'em
He said im Hollywood, go back where they plant palms
This the jungle bro, this ain't no f*ckin' ant farm
And out here, life's a b*tch that you can't charm
Damn, that's the realest sh*t I ever heard
Sometimes a dumb ass drops a clever turd
Smokin' sour diesel from 173rd
I'm bout fly sh*t, so if I ever bird
I can't fly with pigeons, gotta soar with eagles
A wise man told me, vultures don't war with seagulls
If looks could kill, ain't a n*gga more illegal
Closet lookin' like you walk through the door at Segal's
Spot they sell clothes, Crescent & Melrose
I run d mc's, check my shelltoes
I'm on the red carpet, takin' pics jail pose
I see through your bars n*gga, the cells closed

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Know what
They call me Fab Electronica
Presedential suite, so it's Fab and young Monica
Stevie Wonder n*ggas better grab ya harmonica
Screamin' go daddy, so its Fab and young Donica
sh*t, I mean Danica
Pockets full of Benjamins, Franklin not Banneker
Thick as a Brittanica
Death comes to all, when it comes, don't panic bruh
If it goes down, stay on ya Titanic bruh
Never jump ship n*gga
You know I'm packin' if we ever bump hips n*gga
I'm Jive Records, I dump clips n*gga
Count it , or c*ck it, I'm a thumb tip n*gga
We eatin' over here, check my crumb lips n*gga
I wipe my mouth, right before I wipe 'em out
Shootin' videos, thats what n*ggas hype about
sh*t, we makin' movies, introducin' Fab Pitt
Crush stations, only time I deal with crab sh*t
This the funeral, sit back and reminisce
You should be cryin' by the end of this

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