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"Fly Away"

[Hook: Musiq Soulchild]
You may see me in cars and clothes
But all this money can't make me happy
See this life ain't all I know
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away
I guess you suppose
That all this money can make you happy
So I just want you to know
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Now I would wish you the best
And I would wish you success
But I would never want to wish you my stress
These haters would love to see holes through my tissue and flesh
And I assume if they miss you, you blessed
And the pretty women don't even want to kiss you unless
You in a Mitchell & Ness
Or you push through the best
But when I speak I make sure every issue's addressed
Before they twist you and mess
And try to diss you in press
And most cops want to frisk you I guess
They figure rap stars always move with the pistol and vest
It ain't easy as it looks with me
Some execs is as greasy as the crooks would be
Some women are as sleezy as the hookers be
And how I'm supposed to do right with with so much wrong around me
Get rid of the weak
And keep the strong around me
Everybody who come along belong around me you know


[Violin Solo: Miri Ben-Ari]

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Kanye to the
I ask God to help me fly away
And if not
Then please keep your eye on me
These n*ggas is bringing out the worst side of me
When you wired me
You inspired me
To become the higher me
These execs
All want the details
How I made the world bounce like
Full messages on e-mails
But they hiding something like she-males
We still
Pull up in Sprewells
The ice and me chill
Like Goldmember, I love gold
What's the point to gain the world if you lose your soul
n*ggas forcing me to keep the heat up
Black strap, white handle, I got jungle fever
I went platinum
And I don't rap guns
My diamonds is whiter than Michael Jackson's
Me and Miri make music you can hold in time
So take a second to listen it may blow your mind


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