40 Cal
The Pit
[J.R. Writer]
No sorrow haters wrapped in a Tahoe
For all those who saw J smash the Apollo yikes
All covered in ice like I was standing in Times Square
On "The Day After Tomorrow" holla
I'm in to bigger dough, sicker flow
Rocky dial what make it possible to Rocky-bow hit your ho
I feel like Bigelow cause ever since I got the chirp number
All I been hearing was bleep like the Springer show
I got Poppa Al money you got pocket-style money
Doggie, these maurie's try a thou' dunny
Girl's dropping wild funny
Soon as I step in and want to grab on the gator like Crocodile Dundy
See I'm the worst round, you'll hit the dirt ground
I surf towns in Jaguars that's dirt brown
I know it hurt clown, to see me laid in a suite
Under sheets, stuffed with more feathers than a First Down

[Hell Rell]
I copped a couple K's for the beef when it goes down
I told n***as that they couldn't eat in they own town
Fuck off the strip, for I bust off a clip
My time is money I got to get the fuck off this brick
Follow me around and we'll see the life of a hustler
Follow you around and we'll see the life of a buster
Beat down, smacked up, robbed every minute
And my soldiers, they treat me like I'm God every minute
Hot as a fuck, but don't get acknowledged enough
This is grade-A piff you got garbage to puff
And when it come to my rocks get it polished and buffed
Same thing with your girl I get polished and buffed
A few bricks on the table, I'm smoking by the pound
If I don't blow I'm on the next thing smoking out of town
I'm sitting on grenades, I'm sitting on some blades
Yay, flip it
Suede fitted sitting on my braids
N***a I got gats to tuck and Cadillac the truck
I deal with mathematics homeboy and you ain't adding up
Two plus two don't equal five
I eat the truth but feed you lies you bitch n***a
And I ain't ask to come through, man I'm barging out
From now on you address me as hardest out
[40 Cal]
I'm the kid from 140 baby
40 making all the cake
My dope like tsunami, I kill 'em off a water weight
You play 50 get your story straight
N***as up in 50 minus 2, that's ya number due, the 48
Well do the math, the n***a's a problem
You broke, ya dead broke when I kill 'em and rob 'em
40, n***as think they can call shots
Y'all ain't got no winds you lost hair like a bald spot
You want the 2Pac Shakur props?
But it's like a disease now cause all y'all got is smallpox
And that's off top at ya door with 4 knocks
40 catch vicks in they halls like coughdrops
Porsche box, school you how to sell the coke-a
Cause "Diplomat" without the "t" spells diploma
Tryna, tell you dolja, the flame in ya ass
The game in a smash, 40 keep his name in a stash
You the type to go to jail, turn ya name to Shabazz
I'm a menace, the O-Dog with the 'caine on the ave