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OG Caesar

"Love N' Hip-Hop"

[Intro: OG Caesar]

Hey! Hi
Um I mean
I don't know exactly what to tell you but

[Verse 1: OG Caesar]

Baby you know i'm a star (star, star)
And as such i just needed space but now i (REALISE)
You a star too, and through this understanding we have reached a higher place
Don't talk to me like i'm that 2015 Caesar
I'm at a higher place
Lemme show you the new summit, to sum it all up I could plummet and fall
Prolly like 5 minutes through i would land at the peak of these rap n***as capabilities they still trynna step to me. (Skaa)
With all the sh*t that i deal with (yeah) you can see why i'm so difficult to deal with sometiiiimes
I mean i love you and all but it's protocol everybody trynna ball trynna get straight A's, make moves with the rap sh*t and the fashion Love n' Hip-Hop we could make it happen
We could catch the Opera later! Cobblestone roads, Gondolas all that sh*t trynna end up on the cover of Fader. Know i'm trynna do more numbers than the operator. Pleasure island yeah we wilding lower your eyelids, and tell me what you see
I know that they made you scared to dream but i am not them i am not done why am i fiending for you? Heck if i knew, i wouldn't be on this phone call asking. I left my girl back home and I'm cold and lonely. Know you trynna visit my zone. We could take walks in the park, dark. Sit in the theatre fore the sh*t starts
Sit in convertibles edge of a cliff and we put it in park while we watching the stars
She saying I'm cute and I'm young just a one year difference and I'm prolly better than most of the n***as you know. I been grinding for a minute got nothing to show, but hold up the kid bout to blow, flows, yeah i got those, Imma be shuttin down shows
This only last for a second but hell girl a second is all that i need. You know me. It's OG

[Hook: Lord Loki & OG Caesar]

You tell me i'm liar (Liar). You tell me that i'm cheating (cheating)
You put my words on Fire (Fire). You try to stop my Breathing (*cough* *cough*)
You tell me i'm liar (Liar). You tell me that i'm cheating (cheating cheating cheating)
You put my words on Fire (Fire). You try to stop my Breathing (Fye, Fye!)
You tell me i'm liar (Eh). You tell me that i'm cheating (Yeah)
You put my words on Fire (Yeah). You try to stop my Breathing (Yeah!)
You tell me i'm liar (Tell me I'm a liar!). You tell me that i'm cheating (Tell me that I'm cheating!)
You put my words on Fire (Put my words on fire!). You try to stop my Breathing (Eh)

[Bridge: OG Caesar]

Ave Maria! Your necklace, So Icy
Your eyes tie me down!
Your eyes tie me doooowwn

[Verse 2: OG Caesar]

You want my heart and my soul! You want my heart and my soul we could share
I just been plotting with Saatchi i'm feeling like they cannot stop me your friend Coq Blocking, but i got a lot in my Arsenal
I'm a veteran to this sh*t, I'm sparking you
You been living in my mind these days and the rent is due, so what you trynna do?
My heart a chopper, chopper screeching
You helicopter fly, Caesar
Need a queen like Cleopatra, Need the aesthetic I don't want no actress, all these girls is just acting
Don't got no direction feel like Chapo you my dope it's lit!
Getting high on my own supply, no longer smoke but we staying lit!
I know that you feeling me
And my energy, got a nickname for ya
Scented weed
My name in your mind never on your tongue but your friends gon keep saying my name to you
It's all the same to you, it's all the same
Imma be phantom you could be christine
Imma be Bassanio you could be Portia, put you in a Porsche when i'm rich of course
Other than the flossing, i could teach you how to be happy and live life all gorgeous
Foreign whips, house on the hills
You don't do heels but your walk is expensive
You don't talk reckless you said it you meant it your parents are christian so you got your values..
It gon take more than some n***a with money to wow you
Wow, Apollo rethinking the jump now
With you i stay ducking the come down
Now we can pull back the curtains and watch n***as start taking shots with the birdies
That don't concern us we live and we learning the bridges we burned were necessities
I don't do drugs but you feel like Amphetamines
Lord Loki talk to em'

[Hook: Lord Loki & OG Caesar]

[Outro: Lord Loki & OG Caesar]

So caesar
(How far g)
I was like, "Baby girl Baby girl, wait see lemme be honest with you yeah? Okay so (Yeah) I didn't cheat on you, I love you, I can never cheat on you but yeah, so here's the thing I was trying to satisfy myself, only myself yeah? So, I gave this girl, okay? Don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong I didn't cheat on you, i gave this girl but I didn't cheat on you, Do-
Let's get that straight, I didn't cheat on you! Problem was, I was trynna satisfy myself right? Anyway let's get that clear, f-f**k that, I'm telling you this now cause i want the best for you right so I'm telling you this so that you can go home happy, you can move on to a better guy, i can move on... to whatever, and, at the end of the day, if you think about it! If you think about it it's a win win!
(*scoffs* Did you actually say that? Did you actu-) Yeah! (*chuckles*)
Mehn I'm so f**king smart mehn
(*chuckles and lightly cackles*)

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