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OG Caesar

"All Winter"

[Intro: OG Caesar]
It's a long ass winter. (Too long)

[Verse 1: OG Caesar]

My girl just told me that she love me I can't tell if she lying. (Nah)
Got me writing love songs and I can't waste no lines a young n***a need mines (Need mines) Not in dimes (Not in dimes!) wanna shine so I stay on the grind. (Yeah!)
Green. in my. eyes. Like I'm. Ty. Dolla. Sign! (Flash.)
These Rappers only trap behind bars. (Eh) None of y'all really been with the business I'm so gifted with it rub me the wrong way n***a go genie and I grant death wishes. (Yeah.)
Put the work in like I'm dopin' the sh*t took the key to the city brought the work home and it be a cold day in hell fore you ever ever ever ever ever find another n***a colder than this. (Yeah)
I ain't your ex. You now rockin with an OG bow down. (Bow Down Ho!)
Young king and it's, kinda hard not look down with this heavy crown on a n***a head I ain't flexin yet. They still love me and they don't know your sound
And your girl. I wouldn't hit it even if a n***a was Chris Brown
Ghost protocol till a n***a succeed. Now they wanna call, cried my eyes raw, done declared war, done got my piece now back up fore I send you back to Jesus. (Yah! Yah!)
So loyal so faithful with it
No holidays but I'm grateful n***a
Merry Christmas to all the hoes in my messages trynna cheat on they n***as! (Merry Christmas!)

n***as wanna front like they don't know what it is. I done payed all of my dues and now they payin the kid
But a n***a still hungry girl so forgive me if I'm been missin
I love you but I also love winnin
I'll be trappin all winter! (Trap (x4)) (x4)

[Verse 2: OG Caesar]

You trynna get stoned in a glass house. (Stoned!)
Trynna throw shade at a Christian. (Trynna throw Shade!)
Jesus Christ type light tho so I'm more spirit than religion. (Woo!)
But I'm sinnin need forgiveness tell them FALL BACK. (FALL BACK!)
They call me Don Like the God father way I stroke her cat. (Stroke her cat!)
Hey what's up my name is Caesar you look like a mark!
n***as standin up to greet me ain't no Rosa Parks!
Life's a movie all got different versions double up, (double up, double up)
Sorcese with the scenes but your sh*t got budget cuts. (pu**y n***a)
And I'm still banned from Grange (Yeah), since a n***a got expelled, legendary I could never be a pu**y n***a cause I'm focused on the goal and other sh*t is secondary I ain't ever trynna party with these n***as no cause I'm workin because they still sleep on the kid. Now I'm much harder, make em uncomfortable. n***a you know what it is. (Pop pop pop pop)
And get LUCID more plays. (More plays more plays more plays)
I ain't sucking up to labels. I ain't trynna get played (Nah)
I'm just trynna get paid (Yeah).I ain't trynna go pop
I still spit a hot verse plus a hook and know the sh*t Gon pop. (Pop)
Apple bottom a day keep the doctors away
I'm always in the cut if n***as trynna catch the fade. (clippers)
My manager is family that's something they can't saaaaay. (Nah Nah!)
I don't got ride or dies they all ride till they die on this side (Felony!)

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