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OG Caesar

"Coffin (Coughin') Season"

(Verse 1: OG Caesar)

Life is precious, don’t I know it life is precious how long till I lose my sister or one of my brethren? Find myself requesting visiting hours to heaven on a quest to get the cheddar at the same time avoiding death
Don’t hold your breath just breathe, and watch your step, cause one day you’ll find that there’s no time left to second guess
Living life in the margin, life outta line out the question that’s a major digression so, last year I done seen too many coffins, trynna cope with it I was hittin’ blunts often, I be upstairs red eyed and coughin’, doped up and if it wasn’t that, I was offin these beats

What a day


(Verse 2: OG Caesar)

Cause it let my feelings speak when the lyrics and the beats move in sync I can think, and If they don’t love us now then they’ll love us later, cause when you blow n***as always in the crater. See they don’t understand I spit for something greater, and not just to blow but also for me to wage a, war on the devils and d’evils and corrupt politicians with a real firm grip on my people, the clock is ticking
We’re almost outta time
The fake n***as runnin outta rhymes, the government is running outta stories to distract us with, ploys to ensure we don’t reach the next chapter quick, so by then they’d have found a new terrorist, clever them. But they didn’t plan for Sdnem, to read between the lines and the smoke and the trends. See now they can’t keep it on the D low so by next year I’ll probably be going out with Steelo, or they’ll convince people I’m just another Negro
Or I can’t feel the streets, cause shooting n***as up and rockin new jay’s is the only fly that he know, meanwhile, every few times a year I’m at Heathrow. But I don’t need be broke to feel they pain ,cause it’s same blade but they cut a different vein. It hurts the same. n***as way to focused on the wrongest thing, who rockin' the biggest chain who the better slave
Life is book and at the end of the day, we can never move forward if we not on the same page

It's Coffin (Coughin') Season

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