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OG Caesar

"New Era pt. 2"

(Intro: OG Caesar)

Can’t breathe
Can’t breathe
Can’t breathe
Can’t breathe
Can’t breathe
(It’s the bitter motherf**kin’ truth.)
Can’t breathe
Can’t breathe
Can’t breahte
Can’t breathe Can’t breathe Can’t breathe Can’t breathe Can’t breathe Can’t breathe Can’t BREATHE!

(Verse 1: OG Caesar)

Now I never sold work cause death’s the only fruit of that labor, death’s the only fruit of that labor, know you laid with your neighbors wife and now you lookin’ for a God to save ya?
Life’s a game don’t be a hater don’t hate the player sound so complacent. Sound so soulful, sound like Soulfood. Drink more water do what they told you. Make Moves don’t be stagnant can’t stop rappin’ this sh*ts a habit I’m going rabid I’m going at it, I’m name droppin this game poppin my chains off and I’m free now, been better than SV, been on my Porsche flow you n***as in an SUV. All this talkin bout religion I been hittin the astrals, persistently peepin premonitions on a mission to save y’all, from y’all selves, breaking slaves all out they cells, nuclear, nucleus, nuke flow I’m king Midas turn records to gold I’m too golden.

(Verse 2: OG Caesar)

Didn’t know I could hit a record and split it like pizza slices so precise and so enlightened he’s a titan n***as can’t look me, in the eye, tell me I’m telling a lie.
Came up with so much passion they couldn’t fashi him, truth doesn’t go outta fashion, for the time being I am the truth not just a human being.
But they still wanna tell you boy that he the devil, not to my face cause they know it’s levels.

New Era avant garde, young God, I’ve evolved. Transcending f**k trends, murderer in a bucket hat, run for your face booked I just brought mark zucker back. b*t*h you talkin’ to an Annunaki from planet x I’m Yvng C, grab a gun load the clip do exactly what you seen on the tv screen, You’re experiencing a renaissance movement I’m shooting of the likes which Kubrick couldn’t do with it.
Told me I got fire in my soul, watch you bout to do with it.

(Verse 3: OG Caesar)

I’m bout to grab that pen imma scorch that sheet imma f**k that beat. Excuse my French but hit the bench if you know that you can’t play by me n***a breathe.
I nailed it so don’t cross me, only one Yé and paul McCartney, Black is damaged black is famished black is Power though so f**k (Nigel Farage).
What’s that? Another n***a dead white America trynna put a price on his head. I know the pigment of your figment of imagination over population it’s an N word in every nation.

Peace and love but peace is when you know you got bigger guns, n***as damaging the youth with this thing they call music bout drug abuse and the use of guns.
I did it too, but I left that sh*t behind for you, now it’s time to move to the new chapter, sh*t you can’t learn from school.
Tell you that you listen to this music you can only have these jobs cause your black and you poor.

What you call that sh*t?

Sophisticated mind control.

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