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Kevin Gates

"What Must I Say"

[Verse 1]
Good evening how you doin'
Not being rude I wanna call the shots
OK you hear from Boston
Saw you walkin' in your halter top
We see each other often
Not a stalker I don’t talk a lot
Hope you don’t take offense
I don’t trip - and I don’t call a lot
Money made - off the block
As you can see - I floss a lot
I’m dead game - let my chain swing
Hh I ball a lot
Rubber band shorty you could be my Barbie
Private after party - apples and bacardi
I should use discretion too aggressive then I’m sorry
Just wanna see you naked on top of Kevin like a Harley
I don’t know what you think but they feel I’m retarded
Know it’s a name for it but I don’t know what to call it
Why settle for a Charger I’m talking a Ferrari
Rubber shorty that’s really what they call me
Do it in the mirror put your heels on the dresser
Good girls make a lot of noise
Squeal under pressure - pleasure

What must I say, what must I do
To show how much I think about freaking you
What must I say, what must I do
To show how much I think about freaking you

[Verse 2]
I see the way he treats you
Like you evil - and you fed up
You could pull my dreads love
That’s what they in my head for
Got you on your back
Face in the ceiling with your legs up
We could get in on the floor
Leave the bed made up
Sleep in front the fireplace
Get in it when we wake up
For now just turn around
I’m messing up your hair and make up
Listening to the dream
Making you scream now baby raise up
Love the way I ride entourage free
Never catch me forty deep
That’s just so beyond me
But I’m so beyond street like
Underneath the street lights
He tell you he a gangster
Can’t come on his own street right
Y’all be having phone sex
He be in and out of town
Eat the pus*y real good
Right before it knock it down
Sneaking out the mansion
To the trap I do that night thing
Right on Caroline Street
Backseat of that white thang
It won’t be going wrong
What that feel like it’s the right thang

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