Kevin Gates


[Chorus: Kevin Gates & Dermot Kennedy, Dermot Kennedy]
So you hide away and never tell
You say that death just knows you well
Lesson of love, all that it was
I need you to see
You've got that power over me, my my
Everything I hold dear resides in those eyes
You've got that power over me, my my
The only one I know, the only one on my mind
Got that power over me

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
That lil' pu**y got some power in it
That lil' pu**y got some power in it
Super soaker, need a towel for it
Drippin' on me like a showerhead
Throw it back and arch your back when you doin' mе
Bust in back to back to back when you doin' me
I be runnin' back to gеt it back when I'm through
Lotta Birkin bags, back to back, got the black and the white and the blue
That lil' pu**y doin' somethin' to me
Ooh, that lil' pu**y feel good to me
You know what you got and girl, you got a lot
Skeet from the back and just wanna watch
Climb up on top and ride me like a bike
You got that power, power
Tryna beat it for hour, hours
If it's yours, it's mines, it's ours
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