"Charles Brown"

[Chorus: Jay Ant & G-Eazy]
I'm tryna know what the future holds, hey
But it ain't for you to know
I treat my self like the usual, yeah
But it ain't for you to know
My vision clear, never losin' hope
But it ain't for you to know (It ain't for you to know)
I tell myself like usual (That's it)
But it ain't for you to know (Yeah)

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Sometimes I gotta be dolo alone, just walkin' 'round
Yeah, young Gerald, young Charlie Brown
Some sh*t is better to keep to yourself than say aloud
Some sh*t you see and they don't, so I simply jot it down

It was written, had the vision as a youth that I would make it here one day
A flight to the top, cop a one-way
But looking out the window on the subway, 16 slapping Mac Dre
Somehow I always knew it'd be that way
I felt this so clear it's like a rode a time machine and I saw it
I paint the picture and draw it, I fold it up in my wallet
Keep it with me everywhere I go just as a reminder
Told myself every time I get discouraged or tired
I got greatness inside of me, I go against the greats 'til they tired of me
I've heard it all, nothing surprises me
See I'm the one, I'm the anomaly
But never mind me, I'll just be up over here killing 'em quietly
You know?
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