"The Experiment"

Has the counsel gathered?
Yes sir, yes sir, we have
What will the new experiment be?
Um, manipulating behavioral patterns of inferior species, sir
Mmm, sounds interesting, is your presentation ready?
Yes it is, yes it is, we have it ready
Please proceed and tell us what you plan to do with this... species

Hahahaha, ok

First we’ll conceive and create them, mold them and shape them
Break them into groups then congregate them and mate them
Let them reproduce and then make offspring and raise them
Oblivious to who truly teaches and educates them, we’ll
Take from the masses and place them in classes
And rate them all based on each’s economical status
Some we will exalt to the highest while the others we’ll let fall
Then we’ll slowly analyze how one’s privilege affects all
We’ll construct a dual system for the poor one and the rich one
And study how they blend and acclimate to their conditions
We’ll divide them into sections and keep sharing this approach
And let the wealth and poverty then measure the characters of both
Provide physical temptation that treats, lures and entices
Create dependencies on our electronic devices
Program and make the man’s fragile psyche indecisive
And watch the nicest ones become savages in a crisis
See each step of this game, for years kept it the same
Present to them a goal in life that they’ll never obtain
Within the range of our power each child will be born
Then, place chemicals in them to see how their bodies respond
We’ll keep the poor that way by denying them a favor
And see how long they take to resort to violent behavior
We’ll subject their generations to uncompensated labor
Enslave them all and make them still love their enslaver
We’ll endanger them and afterwards they’ll call on us to save ‘em
Trust our doctors to cure the sicknesses that we gave ‘em
Make ‘em spend all their days trapped in a unfair maze
Purposely prepare slaves through radio airwaves
Formulate drugs, and then, distribute them through every state
And make conditions that cause them to use them to escape
What if we make ‘em run to evil and see good with reluctance
Make ‘em prioritize the superficial over the substance
Let’s form a secret government to do the really shady acts
Deny people basic human rights to see how they react
Let’s promise them riches if they put their souls on the block
We’ll control all that they listen to and all that they watch
Tamper with frequencies, let’s clone the animals and the food
Give the people faulty medicines just to alter their moods
We can play with human hormones, let’s see where this goes
Wonder what happens when we let women and men switch roles?
Or better yet, switch our bodies, no one’s heard of these things
Gender-bending pharmaceuticals and surgical means
Look at ‘em, greedy and arrogant, relying on phones
Going through life, thinking that they have a mind of their own
We can build weapons for every nation, even the streets
We’ll cause disagreements ’til nobody’s sleeping in peace
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