"Higher Life Form"

[Verse 1]
Of all writers and emcees I come through most
No pliers I use my mind to unscrew bolts
I’m probably sick it would be insane to try me
A brainstorm is weak, I get brain tsunamis
Ancient stones I wrote on, alternate world flow zone
Known to relieve pain like lyrical oxycodone
Make the craziest moves, I don’t play by rules
Everyday I have twenty-two déjà vu's
Why would you want to start a war for?
Every line feels like your lip is being slammed in a car door
I won’t tell you everything that I will do
But I feel like taking you apart to see if I’m able to rebuild you
They all artificial plus they liars
I’m unstoppable like a vehicle with cut break wires
Quickly roll upon your soldiers and took over
Show up in your cul-de-sac to roast ya 'til you're bust like a shook soda

As soon as you turn the mic on
I become a higher life form
Right from the morning 'til the night's gone
Staying warm naked in a ice storm
Conceptual lights born
K-rino, the higher life form
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