"Stop Goin’ In"

If they treat ya like sh*t inside the sto’
You don’t need to go in there no mo’

They might smile but I’m tellin’ ya it’s a show
Dummy, they just want your dough

Let’s go, heh

[Verse 1]
You walk into the corner store, they lookin’ at ya crazy
Same people ownin’ it since you was a baby
You probably spent twenty Gs since you started comin’
But they still watchin’ you like you tryna steal something
They only want your money, in fact they wouldn’t deny
They’ll rush you out the store if you’re taking too long to buy
They’ll sell you bad products that been on the shelf for weeks
And if you argue with ‘em ‘bout it they go and call the police, they
Comin’ to America with dreams to get on top
And right in the black neighborhood is where they set up shop
Then they bleed you and squeeze money out ya ’til ya broke
Put their children through college then get homes in River Oaks
They don’t have no respect for you, the attitude is shameless
They’ll talk about you in ya face ‘cause you don’t know the language
12 o’clock at night, yeah they open, whoa, but not so fast
They won’t even let ya in, you gotta order through the glass
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