"Sit Down"

Man, y’all better get a hold of these youngsters early, before all hell break loose in your household, check it

[Verse 1]
She was young, she was free, she was known on the scene
Only problem was, homie, she was just sixteen
She was hangin’ out, 9, 10, 11 o’clock
Mama couldn’t tell her nothin’, daddy still on lock
Too advanced for them little boys, she liked men
If you got a live car, she would jump right in
Total stranger, it don’t matter, she would hop in fast
Smoke wit’ ‘em, drink wit’ ‘em, pop pills and smash
Pocket full of money every time she came home
Got clothes, tennis shoes and a new iPhone
Her mama know she can’t afford it so she checked her [?]
That’s when she told her mama, “Stay out of my business, I’m grown”
Leave the house at all times of night and won’t come back
Ain’t been to school in so long that she forgot where it’s at
Got pregnant by a dude who hit and left her alone
Now she callin’ cryin’, “Mama, can I come back home?”
You better

Little bad ass down, yeah yeah
Before you get
In something that you can’t get out of
Can’t get out of
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