"Speak It"

Don’t be scared to
Talk your dreams into reality, man

[Verse 1]
Give birth and materialize things in person
Gotta do some inner searching, get up and put the work in
We spend too much time in hope and wish mode
Lamenting over things that we want, never trying to work to get those
Looking at the possessions of others
If you had your own fruit, you wouldn’t sit around questioning another’s
Your lack of productivity is negligence
Some of us lay around as if we’re waiting on a guaranteed inheritance
Man, let me tell you how a goal should be, reached
See it in your mind, form a plan then execute it totally
Oh, and a quick disclaimer, let me say this first
You might have to fail a few times throughout the years before you make it work
Doubtful energy, go to war with yours
If the formula that you drew up was flawed then go back to the drawing board
And know that frustration and doubt is understandable
But keep pushing your plan until your goal is fully tangible

Speak it into existence, conceiving the futuristic
Seek it with true persistence, believe that it’s realistic
Never doubt it a second, go after it, be aggressive
Whatever you visualize, don’t stop until you possess it
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