Kota the Friend



All I wanna do is take a Saturday stroll with you
Cruise ship on the East River got room for two
Wake up with you in my arms, to a day that's new
'Cause all I wanna do is take a Saturday stroll with you

[Verse 1]
Life get more complicated like everyday
Gotta work hard for the dollar in the sleet, snow, rain
But when you in the room, I swear everything just seem okay
The world burnin' down to the ground, yeah we don't change
I just want a love that's real, do you want that too?
Look and speak you mind, and I promise I'ma tell my truth
We can leave our baggage at the airport if it's too much
'Cause I don't want to set another fire to the things I touch
Lately I've been tryna find my way
Hate me if you want to, that's okay
Tried to get that monkey off my back
But he just fell and landed on my leg

If you feelin' down, call me on my phone
Know I'll be around, even at your low
At your every high, revel in your glow
Tried to take your shine, they couldn't take your soul, no
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