MEMO (Snippet)* lyrics

Kota the Friend

New day, new dollar, I'm makin' change
I leverage all of my knowledge and profit off of my pain
I copped a deserted island and kept it far from the rain
I noticed nothin' was growing and then it went up in flames
Livin' for the moment, I keep it all in the frame
I chose to live in reality, exit out of the game
Film photo filter banalities of the world
And if it entertain then morality down the drain
I'm only with it if it's ethical
Everything you're takin' in should make an even bettеr you
I'm human, and I urge you to never put mе on pedestals
I hope you never trade a better view, for a better view
I hope you makin' sure all your trauma don't get the best of you
Hope the person inside that mirror has been respecting you
Hope you treat your virtuous qualities like collectables
Hope you love yourself by accepting the blessings meant for you
I hope this memo get to you, like

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