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Rozz Dyliams


[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
Out with the old in with the new
Dylan done did what he do til' the system blew
I don’t give a f*ck about a God damn one of you
Hot boy with the work
Hotter than 102
f*cking with my money I ain't no dummy hoe I'm coming at you
Either you gon’ die or I'm gon' die pick one of the two
I'ma send a couple at you
It gon' give me something to do
Deep up in that tower with that fire power up on the noose
Lately I got nothing to lose

[Verse 2: FilthyFlyWheel]
Lately I got nothing to lose
f*ck all the bullsh*t I know that I'm doomed
Everyday that goes by they tighten my noose
So what's there to do except do what I do
f*ck everyone I got nothing to prove
Took me sometime but I'm learning the truth
I’m All by myself but that’s something I knew
Stabbed in the back and they thought I was thru
Loving my haters that want me to fade
They keeping me going in all of my days
I came in alone and I'm leaving the same
Going to hell I’m not changing my ways
Dropped my last ride and it's losing its lane
I got nothing left my heart is decayed
My mind has been gone I'm going insane
The f*ck is it worth when I go thru this pain

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