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"Protect Ya Neck (JBrawny Remix)"

[Verse 1 - JBrawny]
I’m out of breath once I wreck your set
So you best protect ya neck from the whoopin that comes next
I’m all around the block like a clock tick tick tock I’m like the underground understudy
Of hip-hop
As it stands I’m a writer with rugged hands cause all I do is use a pen to rhyme as
Much as I can
So you can hear kids bump my sh*t in the back of their vans
My sound is swinging through your town like your neighborhood spider-man
I’m in your studio tryna get my game on
So I can eat fancy food with grey poupon
I put on the devilish persona when I’m on the jawn
Down in hunts point and highbridge the Bronx where I’m from

[Verse 2 - Vizual Desperado]
Punch, hard, with the strong arm and then your body starts going warm when I cause
In the trunk of my car
Tied up by my boys who are heavily armed
It ain’t the worse I’ve done though so don’t be alarmed
My anger goes wild, yes I burst like a bomb
I’m like Napalm I blow your body up like they did in Vietnam
I start wars, scary with my words like my man saddam

[Verse 3 - Jian Play-Boy]
I’ll threaten your life with a terrorist attack
I crack your back open and you start seein black
And I laugh when you bleed yes I am a maniac
And then I Stash your whole body in my black Cadillac
Drive away through the dusk, it’s a dark glooming night
Bright lights flash on me, one time? I drive right
Yet despite my attempts to escape from the site
They stop me, pull me out the car and hit me with their smite
I get shot in the head by the mother f*ckin feds
Body put in a bag on a steel forged bed
When I’m in the morgue waiting for my skin to be shred
All my family go to see my body, and they see I’m dead

[Verse 4 - Jian Majdanski]
Yo here comes the bloke with the chop bronx flow
Take notes I’m a hit man like kevinbo
But less white less leather with less blonde glow
And less likely to lie about slanging dough
Shut ya mouth
Your flow is trash, your beats are garbage your singings ass
Your voice is a mess, your whole career is a train wreck
Don’t be scared when I break ya neck
So protect ya neck n*gga, protect ya neck wigga, protect ya neck n*gga

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