King T
6 in Tha Moe’nin
[King Tee]
Six in the mornin', awakened by a knock on my door
Grabbed my fo-fo' before I put my feet on the floor
And yelled "Who is it?", peeped through my blind just a smidget
My n***a Bone stood in some cold black lizards
(What's up!?) N***a how ya been, what ya doin'?
(Ah, some n***as havin' problems with my money so I flew in
You know this kid Juan, got a sista named Chatan?
Live up in the Palms sellin' chronic by the tons)
As ya mention, he got that woodgrain Expedition
60's tried to kill him but they missed him
They said that n***a got a big mouth, boastin' bout some hustlers
That he hit from Down South, what's that all about?
(That n***a's crazy, show me where he hang, it's all gravy
Put on some clothes, I'm double parked in my Rolls and n***as hate me)
I feel ya baby, let me grab this linen
And slip on these sandals with the ostrich all in 'em
(Man call them stripper hoes, tell 'em call all they people
I hear that n***a hidin' out, trickin' at the Nikko)
Don't worry 'bout a thing (Yeah I need to calm down)
Well let me grab some mary jane, get higher than a plane
(Do you still got that Glock that I gave you on the block?
Some funk was 'bout to pop then you ran up in that spot)
Ah sh*t, I forgot all about that heat Bone
I got the stash spot in my Brougham (Well n***a it's on)

[Hook #1]
"Who the f**k" - "Who the f**k is this?"
"Big black motherf**ker with G's"
(It's King Tee)
"Who the f**k" - "Who the f**k is this?"
"Big black motherf**ker with G's
(It's King Tee)

[King Tee]
Lookin' shady, doin' 80 (babay!) Don't temp me
The weed smoke floatin' like the Bentley
Lay back on a gangsta mack strictly
(Man just wait 'til I catch that young fool that tried to get me
They says he probably rollin' around like he ownin' the town
Not knowin' I'm down, not knowin' I clown) *phone rings*
Well loc, them stripper hoes just hit me
That n***a at the Century Club playin' Big Willie
Dancin' with the Cristal, the ho had the nerve
To say a n***a missin' out (What?! Who the f**k is that?)
(Tell them stripper hoes to pop that t*** and keep 'em hot)
And when he come out (Loc, that n***a gettin') *gun shot*

[Hook #2]
Ooh, his first mistake was
He had to do the crime
He had to hustle mornin' to the night
If, he would have known then
The things that he knows now
He might not have got that time in Wayside