King T
Let’s Make a ‘V’
* DJ Quik is credited but only produces the track, does not rap

[King Tee] (Frost)
Ha, you know what?
Quik, Quik, n***as ain't gon' understand this
How did we put this together man? N***as ain't going...
Kid Frost, what's happening? (What's up loc?)
Go f**k with these hoes man (Come on Tee, let's do something)
Some jumping (Hahaha yeah)

I'm looking for a ten, and honey I spends, no ha**le
Tryna buy the world while you lay around my castle
Get you laced with Tennis bracelets as well
Wearing diamonds, carry-on Chanel
Sipping Cristal with Michele while you rolling in my six
Folks cannot joke that daddy's rich
No need to b*t*h, you want your own whip? Don't argue
Now you roll a three-twenty E with the guarders
Hit the club scene in a limousine stretch
With big fame shining on your Lex
No more county cheques, with the King with that bomb sex
And sweetheart you never know what's next
Check, the homies in the hood say my cape's on flight
But we be smoking eighths all night, and that's alright
Shake a lil a**, I'll bite
Spend a little cash I might, just make sure...

[Hook: El DeBarge] {X2}
Let's make a V tonight and do it to the morning light
Cause I wanna take my time to do this thing to you

[DJ Quik]
You hear your lady whisper bout me and you wanna scrap about it
See I wear Versace too but I never rap about it
Wear my Rolex tucked with me near my cufflink Bernini
A woman show me promos of her pose in some bikini
Kid Frost'll tell you girl, you know who we are
Sipping on some white straw, dipping in a white car
Tryna make a V, and if you don't get it that means to hit it
Split it, and don't be playing with it
We ain't nothing but playboys, it's a lifelong gift
And I'mma be a player till I can't get a stiff
And now we're talking autographs, tears and laughs
Champagne with King Tee, going platinum on Aftermath
I'm parking the Benz baby, let's get a silver spur
And go out on a double date, you, me and her and her
Got you all covered cause I got a three-pack
Break a mountain, pulling backs the shaft
Now let's do that...

[Hook: El DeBarge] {X2}