Weededed Remix
Yes, yes
Back in the spot
Wild child
Got my man the soul father Rasco
Man, Oh No, Disrupt
Taking you on another journey from the left coast
You know how we do

For the mind, for the love
For MCs who don't have to smoke weed
You're number one
Bounce to this cut, we bound to erupt
Wild child, Rasco, an my man Disrupt

[Verse 1: Wildchild]
Treat MCs like weed, grab the bong
Step up and straight smoke em
While my fella may be tellin em my adrenaline is mad potent
Nobody can test the nutty professor
When i rock an music get ugly
Open his mouth when he's not using his bong
An then fill it with putty
Cause your definition of weed is not my definition of weed
This nation will progress to a higher state of manifest of weed
All come together to see all people are created equal
Just to see through, your blood and mistake
Might come out that leak through
Your conscious state of being
Are you afraid of being so
While me and the Cali cats enhance the art of MC-ing
Try an think, when your definition of weed defines the right weed
Weak MC's enhance by the dank, weed
Earth didn’t mix well when you thought
You're left farther shooting the Glock
Were you smoking before you started to rap, difficult to concoct
No disrespecting intended, when Wild child comes to construct
Got my man soul the father, Rasco an the Disrupt
Aye, what's up? Aye, I heard you got a little writer's block. You know what I'm saying? I got something for that, 'cause I can get you high

[Verse 2: Oh No]
Smoke it up after this creep disruptor
Inhale lyrics of weed, laced with alternating places
That will leave your mouth to bleed, it’s pitiful
A smoke always critical
Lyrically enhance your mental naturally
Kill you like a cereal, to mash with me, y'all n***as must be criminals
Swervin, windows fallin and burnin
N***as neva learn, servin
One mil enough, one bil you’re stuck
Come on see that can’t live without Disrupt, rupture
But don’t get me wrong, what’s up dog
I smoke too to chill out at a show with my crew
Lyrics get done, number one up on
The most green couldn’t run
Up outta county wow my style
The sex is schizophrenia
Never knew what old
Look around hit the ground like the media
Deep impact, where you can’t fade
Get you open like the Ross switch blade
Seek your medical aid
Hate all my ways
Ya’ll rapper get played
For the mind, for the love
For MCs who don't have to smoke weed
You're number one
Bounce to this cut, we bound to erupt
Wild child, Rasco, an my man Disrupt

If beat were weed, if mics were weed
If hip-hop were weed, if MCs were weed
Would you get high [x2]

[Verse 3: Rasco]
If MCS were weed then i would smoke all day
I’d have me a drink, sit back an try to parle
There was never a need for me to feed my brain with chemicals
Just so i can spit out subliminals
I’d be the type to leave the hype to the fans
While me an my man Jack re-lace the track
We back in the lab with mad lib for the fix
I don’t smoke weed but i would sell ya’ll six
See my thoughts come from inside of the soul
You breaking your back looking for major league rolls
See I just like to play the background
Ready for the crackdown, repping the bay
Leads to sacktown, out to LA
My dough floats over notes like these
If it works keep smoking the trees, please
Don’t get it wrong if you wanna get smoked it’s cool
But don’t make that the number one rule, rule, rule
[Verse 4: Wildchild]
When you represent hip-hop on a negative you get killed in it
Take my life i’d rather jump and hop from the top of a building
And bounce back with a quickness while you front like ya’ll get pardon
Who’s thinking you ain’t got nutten to lose, your name ain’t Martin
I’ll approach it like a video game I’m Jack the strange writer
Five more minutes for the Cali cats who decided to change fighter
The name Miter, means you put yourself with hang lighter
Knock it down on the floor mat, before mat be arrange tighter
Game over, seems at times when you read between the lines
Get inside the rap, battle of invasion provide the track
I take the weed issue seriously, no joke
So don’t take it personal, so Wild child don’t provoke
When I rap I make you uplift nod your head, side step
If you got metal frustration and need some herbal liftation, check it
Here’s something for your mind when you gonna start running around
Act like you got a p*n*s in your chest
Come straight from the heart

For MCs who don't have to smoke weed
Get on the
Bounce to this cut, we bound to erupt
Wild child, Rasco, an my man Disrupt