Naughty By Nature
[Verse 1]
Lately I've been withering, watching the world test me
Feeling like I'm giving up all cause my girl left me
But then it hit me, like
"Why would I be worrying, and let myself get hurt if it's all just a blur next week?"
So f**k the shorties, man call up the homies
I got a couple of forties and I ain't tryna be lonely
So let's ride... roll up, then get high
Then get your W's up, b*t*h, it's the west side!
Now I'm back on my feet and YouTubin'
See I ain't got no time to bleed, I'm Duke Nuke 'Em
So when you feel like you're slippin' like ice skates
Man, just quit your b*t*hin' and listen to Mic Capes
It's better if you're spittin' than slitherin' like snakes
So just take a beat and rip it, be different, cause life's great

We're nearly broke
And we're sipping on a beer that's cold
Eating Cheerio's x2

[Verse 2]
You used to be my number one, my Wonder Woman, my dang queen
But if you understood, I wonder would that have changed things?
I loved you like no other could, girl were the A-Team
But now you're done for good, you cut me off like I'm Gangrene
After two two whole years?
Man, f**k it dog, I think I need a few cold beers
Cause sometimes I try to sing when life is stinkin' like old socks
So I smoke and drink until I'm over thinkin' my own thoughts
I'm telling myseIf that "if you think your boat is sinking, then don't watch"
"Just think of how lucky you are just to be in a boat when the show stops"
So get ready to bite down
Say bye to that anxiety, the time here is right now


[Verse 3]
Today I think Im finally forgettin' all of this pain I felt
I think it must be the weather, this sh*t could make ya melt
I swear that all I do now is make beats and keep 'em
Sh*t's changed since I moved off of 18th and Dekum
Realized that I ain't truly broke, cause life is beautiful
So I call up the homie Davari and hit the studio
My life be summer time
And b*t*h, I'm lovin mine
No Ma'am, i can't really dance
But we can Bump N' Grind
I'll pull your card like Casino schemes
If you get too gased up like burrito fiends
I see more d**ks 'round here than in emo jeans
So i just shout "f**k you", like I'm Cee-Lo Green, aye!
So don't stress, cause worrying's like your rocking chair
Yeah, It gave you something to do, but you ain't got nowhere
So if you're feeling like you're stuck in one spot
Then just kick back, relax, man and love what you got