Naughty By Nature
Butta Love (You Got the Love Remix)
I gotta be real with you baby

Naughty next, what the deal
Makin' divine for the mil'
I hit Nairobi in the back of my bogies
and her heels
Territory, orgy, tell my dory my story
tell Heather, might hunt her
and I smoke like fuggle
Pa**ed a stage of acne
Put that a** on Pappy
Tell Janet she can jack me
If she smack me
Like I'm fresh outta Attica
For Tera to compare it, tell I meet her in France
So, hit a stance while I'm grabbin her
Let me rub the nappy, dug out till' I'm thug out
Pop that left, that right, that rock they but out
I know they nasty
Stacy ja**in it fo'
If they ain't got b***a love they getting a** and fo'
Can you see me later? let me see yo' feet for real
Mix your mouth with your fingers
Baby, speak what you feel
Where my b***a love babies
are my lickable treat
from yo' hittable thighs to your kissable feet

Verse 1:
I came in the door, said it before
You're the bomb diggy, for sure
and IIIIIIIII, think you're so flyyyy
(YOU) with your big legs and hips
(YOU) with your fat a** and t**s
Ohhhh, I'm all in your midst
You've got me whipped

You've got the love that I want
(the love you want)
and you've got the love that I need
(the love you need)
Girl it's so smooth, (so smooth)
and it's so fabulous, so ghetto fabulous

Verse 2:
Girl, you got perfect skin tone
Toes done with no ingrowns
You're the bomb really
Ohh, your sexiness kills me, (feel me)
Boo, your loves so wicked, (addictive)
Stopped me from flippin', (trickin')
You make me wanna do right
Chew right, too tight
Don't be actin' crazy
Treat me like your baby
Wash me and you bathe me
Your love is amazin'
Ohhh, your so ghetto fabulous
The sh*t's ridiculous
Ohh, when we were kickin it
I knew what it was, b***a love
Love is b***a when I come
Discovered the right wisdom
Cause' say that she tight fit em'
Started out with just a night with em'
No expro sh*t
overwhelmed with her gold fit
And show chips
Flashy, nasty, elegant and cla**y
Love the way she talk trashy
Politic like emba**y
Bought our future, never judgin on the past be
Now shore in


Ohhh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!) ohh!
Ohhh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!) ohh! (Ohh!), (oh real)
Ohhh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!)
Ohhh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!) ohh! (ohh!)


it's b***a love