Naughty By Nature
19 Naughty III
The brand new beginning
A brand new year (1993)
The season of the cruddy n***as, ha! (1993)
The super producer Kay Gee is in the mother f**kin house (1993)
And on the microphone, the naughty boy number two, Vin Rock is in this place (1993)
Ha...and finally... (1993)
The king of the panty raid, punani don Treach (1993)
Wrecking up the set, ha! (1993)
Now, coming straight from a hundred and eighteenth street (1993)
Ill Town, East Orange
Naughty by Nature introduces (1993)
Ha, the year we take no shorts (1993)
Anybody caught dissin', we’re takin' it straight to your motherf**kin' face (1993)
Ha, and we ain’t bullsh*ttin' (1993)
Ha! (1993)
Haha! (1993)

Here we go
Come on
Here we go
Come on

[Verse 1]
As long as I can sh*t solids and p*ss liquids I'ma kick it
I ain't got to say I'm wicked scalping a** whippin' tickets
And for those who has to swear we stay here
We don’t relief to the streets nobody in there helped us outta here
Pile up the switch up
Switch up the style up
Say something fouled up
You come to step to us
I say you’re towered
Go and get your neck knocked off
Get a wreck off, so step off
Before you wipe the floor like a step cloth
They like to do all
Jumpin' bones on the low like judo
My bite leaves your brain feeling light
Like dum-dum-doo-do
You know I order flows to go
'Cause my froze and go
Having mo' than yours
Door to door and much mo' in sto'
Keep your nose on my dough
How much I made?
Don’t guess, just grin!
Just know my income comes in
There's really nothing left to throw
Tell us where's the flow to show
Uh oh, so here we go
Here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on

[Verse 2]
You ain't hard enough to hit wind
Knock down breath fight through rain
Here's the perfect record
Scarin' rappers with my name
And if you can’t say hello at the same show
Then don't sit your R&B a** in the same row
'Cause I might have a fit y'all
I might try to twist your wig off
Then tell you when the hits off
Prissy a** of the week
Has a dissy a** of the month
Papa just says he rappin' to a sissy slum
End all for your whole body snotty, oh no
I got more talent in my shrinkin' stinkin' pinky toe
I didn't know how many rhymes that flow
I sprouted talent
Started music in my notebooks all that counts
So it's time to make em shout
The way we feel we might drop another album two days after this one comes out
Word to rap
I won't let
For no one to know
So, here we go
Here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on

[Verse 3]
My circle working hurt the urkel
Now the vertical skirt show j*rk
They get so fat they get had by the mad circle
And what you gonna feel
How you gonna feel when I flow, oh
I wanna know, I wanna know, I want to know
Yo, I'm the fear of the year
Yeah I'm that fear
And I'm the same trigga n***a from last year
A plenty of MCs is lackin'
Writin' slicker I'm whippin'
And if your girl is missin' that's the new kitten I'm hittin'
So don't put out an A.P.B
Put out an O.P.P
Done by you know me, hehe
Hanging like a ta**el
Honey wanna wra**le
I tear you a new hiney like the rotten rascals
Past hoes have no place to roam
They're alone
So find them on their a**es
Send the hoes home
And best not have an att**ude
If you every ho with an att**ude
If I stomp you that should flatter you
Never diss the flavor unit 'cause well do a battle
You punch it out of you
They might want to battle you
We got tricky hes for the tricky shes
We got La, Salt N Pepa, Yo-Yo, Lyte and Nikki D
And they come figure in the Higgy G
And how your lost a** was found is still a f**kin' mystery
And you can bring any one friend
I’ll leave you cryin' like an onion walking crooked-like up on your heel

Here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on
Oh here we go
Come on