Naughty By Nature
Poverty’s Paradise
You know, ever since we started in this game
We've been hungry
We've never known anythin' but poverty, and scuffin' those knees
And for all the stress and strife
We've had families and friends tell us everything's gonna be alright
And now that we surfaced, our mission is to turn our poverty into our paradise
Ha-ha, Naughty By Nature's in the house
Settin' it off with with ninteen-naughty-five flavor
Introducing Poverty's Paradise, yeah
And this is the year that we go all out
Lettin' the whole world hear our peoples cries
And bringin' to surface the years and years of all the wicked lies
And the ultimate goal is to remove all the dirt off of the hands that feed us
And to let the evil recognize that nothin' will stop these independent leaders