Naughty By Nature
Everyday All Day
[Verse 1: Treach]
This is somethin' that I call a flow
Not many if any except for Vinnie can say they know
In fact, the track is that is something that I rarely show
Because my tongue is actually fast, but then again, it's slow
So, yo (Throw it, bro)
You say Jiggaboo, a name pertained for n***as who (Who?)
Who hear that name and place a trigger to the figure who
It blew through and if you try to rip, I throw a bigger blue shoe to you
And if you take the shoe, a n***a dagger will do, ooh
Treach is the best of the rest, but if they try to diss it
Well guess then, n***a, I'll take a pic to see who was the naughty or nicest
Like Isis, I'm priceless, plug new mic to it
Come with a D with a I with a S to the S to see who's hypest
Test the test the Treach to Treach, address the address
How I'll bless and blow any conflicts
Why they try to clone my style? It's just nonsense
M-m-miggity-miggity-maggity-maggity is all you get out of it
Any and all should fall, many is small should call
Naughty By Nature the greater of all y'all
Showboat, show no hope, and can't cope, so no way
This is how we play every day, all day

[Verse 2: Treach]
Yo, yo, hey, yo
Havin' a rather cadaver gather matters is drastically
Never say never whenever and whether the weak come on after thee
Kay and the Gee the producer, me gets loose off of claps, you see
That keeps you boogieing happily
Voice your opinion, it's the rhythm I'm lendin'
The message I'm sendin' from London to Linden
Girls are given a chance to get you all pampered
Leaving more cramps in your pants then a bellydancer
God is good and if you would, you should just
Play to the way that I say, and play all day is what He'll bless
I'm leavin' 'em evil and seein' 'em bein' a torture with dull props
I won't give up 'til you had 'nough of these skull shots
Now let the hard floor break your fall, darlin'
'Cause on the strength, the Naughty Nature ain't waltzin'
When we dance, we come full thrust, the bum rush
Knockin' and poppin' 'em up in the socket and rockin' dawn 'til dusk
I ain't the type to get sooped or psyched
I feel I'm better than ever before, but as a rapper, I'm just alright
Showin' time is for clocks, not hip-hoppers
Pop pop, you try to shine, I make your heart work proper
And that's comin' from the drifter and if you
R-U-N yo L-I-P, you will B-E G-O-N-E
So let the just gettin' by songs be bygones
Nevertheless, it's definitely hits and hits are what we strive on
We flow this way every single day, all day
So make way
[Verse 3: Treach]
What's up to all you MC Cub Scouts?
Grub scouts gettin' rubbed out
I'll bet you kept your album froze 'til this came out
Gettin' ideas to use, a half of a snare or two
Snatchin' and maxin' a rap that I'm castin', how dare you
How the hell can you yell what someone else said?
I must got, "I wanna loan what I own," on my forehead, huh
But I doubt that, and now you wanna back out
Your career had more ins and outs than a crackhouse
I'm mackin' and rackin' and cappin the acts and I wax 'em with-with a smack
You scare me as much as McGruff with a wiffle bat
And that's simply elementary, Watson
So pack your track and do five flat in your Datsun
Now let my canine backtrack the copycat
Your night life is up, so what, you happy you got a soundtrack?
Well, so do seven thousand other rappers, groovy
The cuts you made for that movie ain't soothe me
Who said that Treach can't work when he don't curse?
I'm nasty, ask me, naughty and nappy, but happy
I'm all that and never go out the small way
You need a lift? We go this way every day, all day

[Verse 4: Treach]
Your little tape got more blank spots than a tank top, think, stop
You oughta store it all, fast forward 'fore I ring props
Your sorry sideshow, immature rhyme ho
Come rock a lil' somethin', know we're all outta time so
From Chilltown JC to Brooklyn with AD
I'm rippin' things daily, no if, ands, or maybes
At the F-L and the A-V, the O-R, B-A-by
Kris, the Jungle Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, yeah, they be
Down with Sha-K-I-M, him, a man that's swifter than
The ruler, Lord Ramsey comes handy on the road again
Mark the 45, kizz-nils, fills the reels
With the real chill, not the run-of-the-mill deals
Get poopoo dooie, producer Louie Louie
Throw a dance track to me, to me
So that sometimes like through me
I can't forget the De La, the Soul, and Native Tongue patrol
A strong, "What up?" to the brothers from the Nature, yo
We got the catchy Apache, the rocking Lakim
The never sloppy Latee, don't even try to outrhyme them
The stable not c*cky Lord Alibaski and Chill Rob G
There's trouble day with Double J, there's no probs, see
We also got the speaker Latifah, the Queen of the Flavor
And nothin' weaker, behind is Swatch and Kika
The Digital Under-the-under-the-ground, rocks with Shock and 2Pac
With Money B, Humpty and Jimmy, the master of the chops
And on the tip with several brothers, we must gets
It's Tahid, Akeem, Cracker C, and Cee Justice
Plus it's the voice behind the Flavor Unit, on time or early
It's our girlie, head of the headquarters, Shirley
And we'll put last but not least, Camille
I feel you learned the way we come this deep every day, all day
[Outro: Treach]
You know what I'm sayin?
We got the newest member of the Flavor Unit, Def Jef in effect
We got the producer of this track, Kay-Gee
We got my girl Nikki D in the house
My man engineer all-star Dave
My man on the sax, Andy
We got another engineer Angie and a**istant Todd
We got Anj-Du, G-Quick
We got the whole entire 18th Street Posse, Rasheem, Mook Daddy
Skee Steve Hammer, Howie Cru-Ru, M-Dee, Tak Diesel, Na-Na
We got my girl Aphrodite and her posse in the house
Cherokee, Topin, and Lisa
And we outta here like last year
'Cause we come this deep every day, all day